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signs you are a narcissist

Since a certain person seems to think they have no reflection in the mirror this might wake them up in between sitting on his ass get fat,driving around NYC in a taxi pretending he matters and selling his shitty DJ business to people who lack an understanding of how terrible he sucks at life.



Is It Alright For Glen Schoen To Harass & Bully People On Welfare?

Is It Ok For Glen Schoen To Harass & Bully Welfare Recipients?

People are on welfare for reason’s they cannot control.People lose their jobs because companies downsize. These companies cannot afford to pay employees with the cost of production rising and competitive similar companies taking their customers. It is out of the hands of the person working for the company. They go on unemployment for lengths of time and they try as hard as they can to get back on their feet. Unemployment and sometimes welfare gets them back on their feet long enough to survive. So the question becomes what is wrong with that? 

To a person who rarely reads anything and rarely states any source of the information from a reputable person or place. Welfare is still like the 80’s where every race but white is lazy and taking advantage of the system when it has been reformed for many years. Glen Schoen is trapped in a time capsule sometime in 1982 while the rest of us are in 2016 (almost 2017). Glen Schoen still claims he knows it all while lacking any ability to form or process change.

So you take the side of defending him? Well, realize how bad it makes you look. Realize that after I produce all these factual questions, about Glen Schoen’s behavior and obsessive targeting to make himself feel better about his miserable life all Glen can do is respond with silence. When his shitty viewers stop mentioning it he brings it up again thinking it will make it come back because secretly he demands everyone talk about people like me. He is helpless. Some of his viewers have entirely bailed on him because they see what will happen. They have no clue how smart it is to stay out of this. It isn’t their business. 

Remember me? I was the one who never lifted a finger to get you. I never had to because you already pissed off people who know me. Those people will feed me without my request. I have your face on a public website associating with Glen Schoen. That is the same Glen Schoen cohosting under age children and asking them sexually baited questions on blogtv.com. That will NEVER go away. Remember if you have kids that your face will be found by them associating with a mentally sick man who targets children and wears a party hat and dick nose to lure children into his broadcast. A person who has a hidden agenda with everyone. Someone you cannot trust. Someone who has proven he can turn on innocent people who have done nothing to him but not follow his every command.

You should be embarrassed, all of you. When I am through you will be. Just wait for it.

Shut Down By The Truth

You know you can believe what you will.The ridiculous thing about the people who seem to think they are responding to the information here is that they entirely misunderstand what narcissism or narcissistic personality disorder is.They think narcissism is the same as being a person who begs and demands attention.That is referred to as being an “attention whore” and is not the same at all.You see an “attention whore” does not pretend they are what they aren’t.An “attention whore” does anything they can to absorb attention from people.

A narcissist puts on a fake persona and manipulates you while doing it.A narcissist will tell you they are an airplane pilot because they know you like airplanes and at the same time tell you they are a racecar driver because Jim Bob from Texas enjoys racing cars.They are whatever you like while they don’t really do any of those things.They just pretend because it forces you to like them.They don’t really mean what they say.

Let’s take a look at Glen.Glen says he is ok with guns yet he puts someone who supports the right to bear arms on Skype with him to “interview them” about it.Glen acts like he is making them an example and to some, he is just having a conversation.The reason people cannot see that Glen is doing it to prove he is against guns, in reality, is because he is never admitting he doesn’t believe in people owning guns legally.Although he clearly does not believe in the right to bear arms or he would never pursue the Skype conversation, to begin with.You see all of you fall for his act.He is an actor and desperate to be accepted by people online because he has no friends in real life.He is socially dysfunctional and unable to be accepted.People do not tolerate his pedestal act.Nobody likes a snob or pretender.Everyone can see through the bullshit but then there are people who read what I am typing.The people who know I interpret Glen and see right through him.I know the trick and I know the act because for fucking years that motherfucker Glen exposed his NPD. He exposed his psychopathic behavior and displayed he is a sociopath.He spoke of being depressed and requiring special medication.Look, people, Glen Schoen is mentally ill.He proved it by projecting it all on me.Glen projects on me because I exposed and figured him out.I didn’t follow every command and that triggered him.

“Example: a narcissist (Glen Schoen) who is nurturing a grandiose vision of themselves as a spiritual paragon of virtue is asked to admit that they gossiped about you. (Gossip like the false statements “Explosivekrayon scammed me out of hundreds of dollars” Explosivekrayon fucked me over” “Explosivekrayon stabbed me in the back”) Rather than admit to being a gossip they will tell you that they only stated the truth about you and apparently you can’t handle the truth being said. Because there is some truth in the gossip, you suddenly feel like you have no right to expect an apology or restitution. The narcissist successfully transfers attention from their defects of character to your alleged defects. You were disarmed because of the smidgen of truth in the accusations.”

You see in the above example it is gossip and lies Glen tells others about me without any proof.Not one person questions Glen because if they had he would react much like when sarahsixtwo asked Glen questions and made statements acknowledging that everything Glen said about me was a lie.If you didn’t notice,when Sarah did that Glen became enraged and angry because he was afraid she would make him look bad.Sarah was criticizing Glen.Sarah was exposing the real Glen and all of you fell for him and his act without realizing.Glen was mad and angry because he was scared his followers would believe the truth and he would look bad and loose his viewers.All Glen cares about is Glen.All Glen cares about is maintaining control over the people he is putting on an act for.Without the people watching Glen would become the friendless nobody he is offline.No friends,no followers and nobody to manipulate.You see he manufactured stories over the years that made people believe he is famous because that is the only way to get views.To lie about being something he is not.Glen is frightened of being figured out.He will self-destruct.Nobody will fall for his act.

“In psychological terms, the narcissist will pathologize you in order to preserve the false grand image of themselves. In the wake of the narcissistic attack, you are left feeling like you are bad. This is related to the idea of projection. You challenged their god-like and perfect image in some way, so they are compelled to transfer their unconscious sense of badness onto you in order to render themselves without fault or imperfection. This is very destructive to you.”

“Playing people” is what narcissists do whenever they are not sleeping. They also play entities, if they believe doing so will help them accrue power.”

Friends mean the power to Glen because he believes he can play everyone into following his every command.What are Glen’s commands? Examples would be to say and type bad things about “Explosivekrayon” no matter if they are true or not because doing that will reward them with acceptance and the almighty Glen will give them friends and views.They don’t realize those friends and viewers can be taken away from them by Glen.Glen is the person on the pedestal who barks commands and they are done or you are excluded from his circle and a nobody.You realize the attention whore’s who populate Glensroom are destroyed without attention….accept a few of them aren’t attention whores…..(me) and too intelligent to fall for the bullshit.So he couldn’t manipulate me after years of trying so he decided he would try to destroy me.Glen was so used to “attention whores” being his population of viewers he thought it would work on me.Guess what.I am too complex.I am nobodies bitch.You made a bad choice.I will destroy you.I already have because you went silent.You shut the fuck up.You are protecting yourself from my ability to criticize you and make people understand the real you.The toxic you.The one who nobody likes.All that pent up anger forces him to find ways to retaliate yet he has nothing.You see I have plenty of ammo.Your reaction proves that.

Why NYC’s Homeless Resist Shelters

Horror stories show why NYC’s homeless resist shelters despite frigid temperatures:

It’s enough to make anyone willing to tough it out on the streets – regardless of the temperature.

Rats, bed bug’s and violence plague the city’s dysfunctional and overcrowded shelter system, built to house people temporarily but now straining under the weight of an expanding crisis, according to advocates and the homeless.

Nearly every homeless person the Daily News interviewed Monday detailed stories of fighting, filth and widespread thievery at shelters. Some had even worse horror stories.


Jermaine Williams, 39, a Brooklyn native who’s been homeless for a decade, said he was once awakened by a man masturbating in his face at the homeless shelter on Bedford Ave.

“You’re sleeping and somebody’s standing over you, the whole dorm is there, and nobody’s saying anything,” he said.

“There’s a guy standing over you. He’s butt naked, and he’s doing him(self), in front of you.”

When Williams spoke to The News, he was dressed in three layers of clothing and covered in three blankets, just a few blocks from the shunned shelter. Despite Monday’s frigid temps — in the mid-30s most of the day — he won’t go back.

“Most of the shelters are not run like a shelter. Like, ‘I want to get off the streets. … Let’s eat. Everything’s OK, man.’ It’s run like a jail,” he said.

“It’s just like Rikers Island.”

Outside Penn Station Monday night, Charmain, 41, swore she would never return to a shelter.

“I’m not going. They’re going to have to lock me up. The streets are a lot safer. I almost got raped (in a shelter), said the woman, who’s been homeless for a year.

“I’m frustrated. The community, they’re doing more than the mayor,” she said, adding officials “misunderstand.”

“When you force people into shelters, that’s a problem. You’re putting all these problems together to make a bigger problem.”

Mayor de Blasio and Gov. Cuomo, political enemies, agree that shelters are a problem — but disagree on the solution.


“For decades, our shelters have not been safe enough and have not been clean enough, and it’s quite clear that a lot of homeless people chose not to go to them,” de Blasio said

He said the city is adding more security to some shelters, and pushing so-called “safe havens,” which are smaller spaces less prone to problems.

Cuomo hinted that the state could be planning an audit on the city’s system “If shelters are not up to code, then we are going to be very diligent in our inspection and management of the existing shelter system,” said Cuomo, who promised more details next week.

The governor, who often plays footsie with de Blasio’s political rivals, said he planned to talk with city Controller Scott Stringer about his office’s past audits of the system.

A City Hall spokesman said the state already inspected city shelters, and that the administration welcomed “any additional resources or financial assistance to improve shelter conditions.”

Stringer also has an uneasy relationship with de Blasio and is a possible challenger in the next mayoral election.
Jennifer Flynn of the homeless advocacy group VOCAL-NY said the problem is shelters aren’t meant to house people permanently.“If the system worked the way it should, they’d be a part of the continuum of care,” she said. “But they’re not working that way.”De Blasio recently unveiled a plan to provide 15,000 units of supportive housing over the next 15 years and has called on Cuomo to add more.

Luis Garcia, a 35-year-old homeless man, 9 thinks he should be allowed to stay in public places like the Port Authority Bus Terminal.

“Just let us stay inside and keep warm,” he said. “OK, if I do something wrong, take me out, but how can I go out at this time in that kind of temperature?”

Now after reading this article and obviously knowing that the city of New York has a large scale issue with homelessness. Would you think a person would be seen as a good person if they made light of a person becoming homeless? Do you honestly feel it is justified that someone on the internet pretending to be famous is alright to attack someone who has done nothing to them but become busy with their own life? You see I really hope that Glen Randy Schoen aka Glensroom someday finds out what it’s like to have nothing. To have nowhere warm to live. No roof over his head. It can happen to any of us in one moment. I myself have a genuine care for others. I respect everyone equally unless they treat me in a way that is not respectful. Unless they attack me for no reason. Unless they make up numerous lies about me. Threaten to kill me or hit me. Then you see I have had enough. I will not sit back and become or feel a victim. I will treat them the way they treated me. Until someday they die, because let’s face it Glensroom is never going to shut the fuck up about anyone else. He is all mouth. All shit talk. All bullshit.