Ribble Calls Out Glen Schoen


ryanribble calls glensroom out

AGAIN someone calls this POS fuck out and of course, it couldn’t be more deserving. This from ryanribble who suffers from an illness he cannot control and has been the brunt of Glen Schoen shaming him for being ill. Glen has handicap shamed ryanribble for much too long and should not have been able to get away with it.



15 signs….


signs you are a narcissist

Since a certain person seems to think they have no reflection in the mirror this might wake them up in between sitting on his ass get fat,driving around NYC in a taxi pretending he matters and selling his shitty DJ business to people who lack an understanding of how terrible he sucks at life.


“Does Scuttlebutt Support Glensroom?” Hell Fucking No….

I never paid any attention really. I know that I am not alone and not the only person who doesn’t care for Glensroom. Who doesn’t find anything he does or says funny. Who see’s Glensroom as a huge failure. No friends. No GF. A bad reputation on the internet. His only source of attention comes from people who follow his every command.

Glensroom is so desperate for friends he will consider anyone who comes into his tiny bore-fest his friend. Meanwhile in reality they are there expecting him to do something they can use to help expose his horrible behavior. I don’t even have to try. People genuinely dislike him so much they avoid him. Most of the time they never even mention him.

Just because it was brought to my attention.I would like to say that all the other fucks who spend hours in scuttlebutts chat will never make anyone in there change their mind about Glensroom. Ivlog has become a replica of vaughnlive. Desperate for viewers yet doing everything to reduce traffic. I won’t apologize for seeing ivlog for what it is. A place for broadcasters to rest in peace.

scuttles chat not a fan of glensroom (1)

“he’s an idiot” “like listening to a lecture from a retard”

scuttles chat not a fan of glensroom (2)

“Ive never understood Glen,Never liked his humor or even watched his shows” “Glen is a bore” and “He’s an idiot”

glen is garbage scuttles chat


glens new cologne

What do you see?

Let’s take a look at how ignorant Glensroom/Glen Schoen is? What do YOU see in this picture? I see a HERO who fought for our FREEDOM and I see a person who deserves to be respected for what they sacrificed FOR FREEDOM. So what does Glensroom/Glen Schoen see? How does he say that? Doesn’t he use the word “cripple”? Doesn’t he make accusations that the handicapped are all taking advantage of welfare? Doesn’t he suggest that the handicapped are “losers” who don’t deserve to be respected by anyone? Haven’t all of you heard Glensroom/Glen Schoen insult and degrade anyone he believes is flawed? How many times has he exposed his ignorance? Yet you all are too stupid to stop supporting him. Ignorance and disrespectful behavior towards other people is not funny. WAKE UP.


Make sure you remember when you are making snide remarks about this post and photo that you realize diabetes can make it so YOU lose your legs. Maybe you deserve to know what it’s like Glensroom/Glen Schoen? I hope you get what you deserve Glensroom.

Let’s Get It Straight…..


I am NOT a fraud of any sort


GTFO the internet Glensroom


Still a lonely loser from the bronx


Let’s get your collection of identities out there…


Maybe you should stay medicated?


Maybe you will start using another username? Maybe okbubaswife is next?



Let’s see how fast you disapear for a while.


Are you going to run and hide?


I am crazy? Who goes on and on about me on ivlog? Oh but I am crazy? I see.