Is It Alright For Glen Schoen To Harass & Bully People On Welfare?

Is It Ok For Glen Schoen To Harass & Bully Welfare Recipients?

People are on welfare for reason’s they cannot control.People lose their jobs because companies downsize. These companies cannot afford to pay employees with the cost of production rising and competitive similar companies taking their customers. It is out of the hands of the person working for the company. They go on unemployment for lengths of time and they try as hard as they can to get back on their feet. Unemployment and sometimes welfare gets them back on their feet long enough to survive. So the question becomes what is wrong with that? 

To a person who rarely reads anything and rarely states any source of the information from a reputable person or place. Welfare is still like the 80’s where every race but white is lazy and taking advantage of the system when it has been reformed for many years. Glen Schoen is trapped in a time capsule sometime in 1982 while the rest of us are in 2016 (almost 2017). Glen Schoen still claims he knows it all while lacking any ability to form or process change.

So you take the side of defending him? Well, realize how bad it makes you look. Realize that after I produce all these factual questions, about Glen Schoen’s behavior and obsessive targeting to make himself feel better about his miserable life all Glen can do is respond with silence. When his shitty viewers stop mentioning it he brings it up again thinking it will make it come back because secretly he demands everyone talk about people like me. He is helpless. Some of his viewers have entirely bailed on him because they see what will happen. They have no clue how smart it is to stay out of this. It isn’t their business. 

Remember me? I was the one who never lifted a finger to get you. I never had to because you already pissed off people who know me. Those people will feed me without my request. I have your face on a public website associating with Glen Schoen. That is the same Glen Schoen cohosting under age children and asking them sexually baited questions on That will NEVER go away. Remember if you have kids that your face will be found by them associating with a mentally sick man who targets children and wears a party hat and dick nose to lure children into his broadcast. A person who has a hidden agenda with everyone. Someone you cannot trust. Someone who has proven he can turn on innocent people who have done nothing to him but not follow his every command.

You should be embarrassed, all of you. When I am through you will be. Just wait for it.


Ways Narcissists Destroy Your Self Image


Let’s explore the most damaging ways that a narcissist,(like Glen Randy Schoen) will act towards others.

The Belittling Phrases He Aim’s At You

Narcissists are normally careful about words they choose and they try to use phrases that aid goals and indulge their ego. When his words are aimed at other people, they are designed to confuse and upset the target.

They will say things like “you’re too sensitive” or “you’ve misunderstood me” to make you think that your reaction to them is unjustified and that you must be projecting your own, personal issues.

Glen randy Schoen might play the classic “I hate drama” card when tensions are rising to suggest that you are the source of the conflict when he is to blame.

Glen Schoen will have a handful of destructive phrases that he likes to use regularly, so watch out for the trait as a clear sign that you’re dealing with a narcissist.

The Snipes Glen Schoen Directs At You

Continuing on the theme of what a narcissist like Glen Schoen might say, you should be wary of Glen Schoen who often seeks to put other people down – both to their face and behind their back.

Such sly comments are subtle, but they are filled with negativity. While they may not seem like much in isolation, when they occur regularly, they can be incredibly damaging to the person they are directed at.

It’s Always The Other Person’s Fault

A narcissist never believes that they have done wrong; if anyone is to blame in their eyes, it is always someone else.

To admit guilt would be like a dagger to the heart of a narcissist’s ego, so they will seek to shift the responsibility onto those around them. Sometimes they will go to extraordinary lengths to link another person to problems of their own making; nothing is off the table as far as they are concerned.

But to the person they are blaming, it is often an utterly confusing and stressful accusation that casts doubt in their minds and makes them feel unsure about their actions.

Glen Schoen Seeks To Instigate Confrontation

Linked to the previous point about blame, a narcissist thrives in the field of battle and will actively create conflict between themselves and others (and also between 2 other people entirely) as a way to create a false sense of superiority and importance.

Narcissists like Glen Schoen enjoy drama; they feed off it and use it as a tool to achieve their aims. They are the ones who constantly stir, who will have no qualms about spreading rumors or secrets about others, and who will fuel the fires through whatever means they can.


But for most other people, constant arguments are harmful to their self-esteem, and non-stop drama is a drain on their energy reserves.

Glen Schoen Bends The Truth And Insists Others Are Wrong

A narcissist is always on the lookout for opportunities to stir up confrontation and they are not afraid to use lies to get their way.

They will take the truth, distort it, and insist that you are wrong when you try to tell it like it is/was. They will make you doubt yourself, your memory, and your beliefs by projecting a false sense of reality onto you.

And if you claim to have proof, they will deny its existence or accuse you of fabricating it to make them appear stupid.Even if the proof is right in front of Glen Schoen’s face or right in front of a viewer of his face.

He fabricated accusations that I hacked his accounts though I was the person who created them.He fabricated accusations I ripped him off financially on PayPal when it never happened.He fabricated that he sent me large sums of money when he never did.He has no proof that anything he accused me of is true.For some reason nobody questions him. Why? He has even forced people to ban guests because he says he knows they are me when I am offline and nowhere near his broadcast.He just makes up everything he can trying to make people dislike me just because he dislikes me.It doesn’t work and it makes him angry yet he continues.People are smarter than to believe Glen Schoen.

Narcissists Like Glen Schoen Will Seek To Get Others On Their Side

Before or during an argument, which Glen Schoen has initiated, he will endeavor to gain as much support from other people as he can. He will lie and manipulate others into believing his side of the story and then use these people as weapons to harm and defeat his opponents.

Glen Schoen will do whatever it takes to convince my friends, and his family and friends, into taking his side. His ultimate goal is to get someone to change their mind and want to attack me.

Glen Schoen Seeks Out Individual Triggers

Normally a narcissist is a master at identifying the insecurities and emotional triggers in others. He quickly picks up on these during the early stages of a friendship and then brings them out to use against someone when it serves his purpose.

Glen Schoen’s behavior is soul destroying for his victims who will experience a great deal of anguish every time their vulnerability is exposed by Glen Schoen the narcissist.

I myself am very immune to Glen Schoen’s search of my triggers because I made sure I never got close enough.The fact I didn’t get close has spared me a lot of his attacks.

Glen Schoen Has A Jekyll & Hyde Personality

A narcissist can be utterly charming and polite when they want to be; this is often how Glen Schoen lure’s his victims into friendship and more. Glensroom will only act in such a manner, however, when it is required, and the act is quickly dropped when someone has been hooked and reeled in.

Glen can turn his charisma on and off at will, so when you’ve reached your wits end and threaten to break off all ties with him, the smooth character you initially met comes back.

This switch back and forth between personalities is extremely confusing for the other person and it can blind them to the truth that lay underneath. Not knowing whether you will experience Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde when engaging with a narcissist makes it difficult to be your real self. This subduing of character can deprive you of your freedom and enjoyment.


The Never-ending Failure Of Glen’s Puppets

bagface unmasked

Isn’t it enough of a message looking at how Glen bailed on his precious vaughnlive? He just went on and on about how great it was but notice he removed his content he made a huge deal about and ran away to ivlog.Like an idiot, he forgets some very important things.The biggest being how tolerable ivlog is of misbehavior towards others.Attack one person on ivlog Glen Schoen and watch how fast you get banned.It’s a ticking time bomb,ivlog owners will not tolerate favoritism.I pay no attention but people pass shit on fast.It’s beautiful because I don’t even have to be there,I pay no attention to you.

You mod the wrong people highschool drop out…….you are my bitch,bitch.


Obsessed is an understatement.Ever notice how they all mention me every chance they get?Thanks for the fame retards….


All but two of them are Glen’s puppets.They have no mind of their own.Glen makes all of their choices.

Response To “Blogging”

glens pretend fame

Glen Schoen has attempted to act condescending towards “blogging”. He has continued to manufacture whatever he can while holding no credibility leaving me to entirely question his tactics and angle. Let’s not misunderstand that I have done nothing but show all of you who Glen Schoen is and how Glen Schoen acts. Sure some of you may already have known. Most of it the reason Glen Schoen gets traffic.

Let’s be clear, Glen Schoen is well disliked online and he simply has an inflated ego and makes it out to be that people like him. Just like he manipulates other people, people manipulate him.

Glen Schoen dislikes that people can say what they want and he cannot control it. He loses his shit and his yellow teeth spew toxic stinky waste after anyone’s response. You see all of us are not allowed to have a voice. Nobody is allowed to listen to me in his mind because that takes away the attention on him.

This would never be mentioned but I feel that because he is a broken record about how “people who blog are pieces of shit” I feel my response would be quite understood. I added a page called “Blogging” you can read HERE . To help Glen Schoen put it into perception all of the “blogs” have ALWAYS seen you as a sick disgusting asshole and that will probably never change. The reason? The terrible things you have done to other people. The way you conduct yourself online is disgusting. Nothing can change that. I must add that you can have anyone you want on Skype or in your chat and it has zero effect on me. Unfortunately, even though you believe I pay attention to you I don’t. Remember Glen Schoen, I know what makes you tick enough to accomplish things others cannot. Rumor has it Glen Schoen has iFled from vaughnlive because Drinknet2 has destroyed him (as usual). Great job Drinknet2. Hope you continue giving him what he deserves. Unlike you and Brittster Glen Schoen I am going to disconnect and actually do real life adult things. In the real world. With real friends,real social interaction. My life doesn’t revolve around the internet.

P.S. Brittster you look a little fatter, have you been eating more?

Glen Steals Davie22’s Video………..

Glen somehow got a copy of Davie22’s facebook video and decided he would give people a link to it on 8-27-2014.I have it well documented and I can retain it for Davie22 to use against Glen.I will not post it out of respect for Davie22 but I will show you all a screenshot to prove Glen had been stalking and harassing davie22 online.Davie22 if you read this and you DO NOT want the screen cap up here I will remove it immediately.I want the world to know what Glen has done to other people.I want everyone to know how creepy Glen is.I want them to know how much of a stalker Glen is.I want them to know how sick and mentally disturbed Glen is.



This is stolen from Davie22’s facebook page by Glen.I have captures of it inside Glens youtube video list from managing Glen’s youtube channel.Glen is a sick individual.I told all of you I had incriminating information and I meant every word.Glen turned on Davie22 also.Glen and Davie22 used to be friends until Glen did horrible nasty things to Davie22.