The reason YOU ARE AN IDIOT when you say things like “people who blog are terrible people” or “the blogs do nothing but lie” or most commonly “they shouldn’t be allowed to post things about people or things that happen on social broadcasting websites” is that when you CAM UP on Vaughnlive,Justcast,Ivlog, ANY OTHER social broadcasting website. GUESS WHAT! YOU ARE BLOGGING! 

Yeah, this might break your little fragile heart to hear but that is what you are doing.Why do you think they named blogtv, blogtv? It was a way for you to blog on what was seen as television online.It was the entire reason they had the name.This never changed just because you are on another website.Most people on vaughnlive etc fail to understand that they can blog via video on whichever platform they choose.Places like these are only doing what all of you already do.

Just like a broadcast on ivlog.tv you DO NOT have to watch/read what is here.On Justcast if you decide to cam up or even show a photo of something instead and talk about how you feel about another person YOU CAN.

You can voice your opinions and share whatever you want and people can take opinions of what others have said or done and express those opinions.Yeah, that’s correct social broadcasting is not a Nazi concentration camp where you are not entitled to freedom of speech.Any broadcasting platform that is censored as far as your freedom to speak is probably not for you.


So when you come here and you leave relentless comments, about how we are so terrible for expressing our opinions and writing what we want to write within the TOS standards, remind yourself that if you broadcast you have the same opportunity within the TOS agreement on whichever website you use. So if you have the platform to BLOG or even respond to whatever falls on our pages, instead of leaving obsessive comments just go ahead and respond to us.We cannot promise we will not capture what you say and respond back but we can say we will most definitely reply.

You know the big vaughnlive owners vs scuttlebutts corner blog is ridiculous because the vaughnlive owners believe in controlling what everyone uses their platform for yet they forget what we are mentioning.(you can “blog” while using their platform in video form). It is much like spitting in the face of why the technology of video streaming/broadcasting was developed in the first place.

It’s time for vaughnlive to be reminded platforms like blogtv were the beginning of online broadcasting platforms and hence the name were a means of “blogging”. Since this is apparent and obviously the subject of this post, If this post is read by anyone who owns or uses any social broadcasting platform they should be reminded you cannot be angry at any of us “blogs” as you refer to us as. 

People (If they have the backbone to broadcast) have the choice to do the same in video form. Most of the biggest wanna be tough guys do nothing but type garbage they can never back up. You will see they are all hot air and lack the balls to broadcast. Why? Well, they can dish it out but not take it. That is why.  Somehow they believe it is alright to threaten people over the internet and many of the have been banned for threatening other people’s lives. They continue unaffected.


So go head allow all the “blog destroyers” to write what they will and attack your character. They are merely using this platform and others as a way to voice their opinions. Just don’t get pissed if a place like this one catches you talking shit and responds to every statement you make. We clarify what your motivation was in saying the things you did. You can’t stand when we do that so your response is to get angry because you are SCARED people know the truth about you and your agenda. If you can’t take our opinions and accept them then shut your mouth, stop bringing us up and making accusations. Nine times out of ten YOU said it about us and we just responded.