DON’T YOU EVER THREATEN ME GARBAGE MOUTH, YOU HEAR ME FUCKFACE? Glensroom turned on me and I retaliated stick your fucking nose back up his smelly asshole where it belongs. FOLLOWER.

Nobody is running retard. Nobody is scared. You are on the “INTERNET” behind a keyboard. We can see how psychotic you are. 100% of the people who type the shit you typed are nothing but COWARDS who lack the balls to ever follow through. YOU aren’t going to do ANYTHING but sit there and sweat.You came at the wrong guy. Maybe you thought you were typing to ATP. You should worry about your own business, not mine.

If the problem is created by Glensroom then it should be between Glensroom and whoever he attacked and turned on.It should NEVER become the problem of some washed up garbage toothed fuckface who can’t keep his nose out of other people’s business.Again this page is NOT about anyone but

Schreck has Glen’s dick in his asshole. It’s kind of hard to be a tough guy while acting so much like a sissy. Hey Schreck, did Glen command you to say something yet? Ok STFU, Glen didn’t say you were allowed to talk.

You see these people allow Glen to narrate and dictate what to say and do like little puppets with no mind of their own. The worst thing about them is that they never learn. All they have to do is allow this coward Glen Randy Schoen to fight his own battles and everything would be fine.

 Below is another example of what goes on in Glen’s broadcast. Notice the same coward I mention above is involved. This is a screen cap of more online harassment over Skype. The number was contacted afterward and they were given all of Glen’s information in order to prosecute him. Glen contacted this number several times (15 times at least) with no answer. The person Glen called has been in situations where he had threatened to sue Glen for his misbehavior. Still, Glen continues as if he is immune to punishment.


CLICK HERE to see schreck86 frighten a teenage girl with his toothpick sized arms and cracked teeth from eating out of the dumpster.

One of the strangest things about this guy is the fact that he is on and on about working and making money yet he is online 24 hours a day with nothing better to do than obsessing about who Glen Randy Schoen dislikes.The lamest thing about him is the fact he is more worried about being part of someone else’s problem with me than paying attention to his own problems with other people.He isn’t concerned about anything involving adult responsibility.He talks so much about where he lives and the house he lives in as if he is bragging about himself.It must be nice to never lift a finger to provide for yourself.Clearly, speck86 is being supported by his wife.How in the fuck would he have so much time to dedicate to trying to debunk the information I have (that has been proven to be true, just look at Glen Randy Schoen’s reaction to anyone dropping his real name or information in his chat…instant ban or kick…he can dish it out can’t he? Can’t take it, though…PUSSY.It confirms that people are reading what is put here. Don’t believe me? Go into his chat and type “Glen Randy Schoen” and you will get kicked or banned. I don’t even have to be in his chat I just know it will happen. Glen Randy Schoen is scared and frightened and angry.

I think it’s pretty lame to try such tactics with me when not only do I have Glen Randy Schoen’s information BUT I also have your information speck86.You see I never said I would do anything but you really should be a little concerned with your actions towards me.I know where it’s coming from.Ask anyone who really actually knows me.They will tell you it’s best to let it go.Mind your own business.Worry about YOU.Or you can continue and though I won’t threaten you just know that it is very easy for me to take care of you and your harassment. Remember, people like me………we created the internet, without people like me YOU would be lost.

Look AGAIn, the same shit. 8 Subscribers. This dumbass is just as irrelevant as all of the other followers. 


Why even do as you are commanded? It gets you nowhere at all. You will always be a nobody. Compared to my following even Glen Schoen is NOTHING. You all should reevaluate your position online. Right now you are hanging yourself with someone like me who knows people who can make sure you stay irrelevant. I haven’t even shown you how bad you are looking.


This individual is such a psychopath and who really knows what is mentally wrong with him.I caught him many times displaying his inappropriate behavior in multiple ways. His game is to threaten to kill people and then wait for them to reply accordingly and quickly state it was them who threatened him.He enjoys flipping things around.Recently he has all but given up trying to get to me since I am nowhere to be found.In desperation, he has fled to the chatbox on scuttlebuttscorner.com in an effort to buddy up with lardo and the normals.The unfortunate thing about his decision is that lardo and others do not warm up to anyone they do not know very well.They have known me for years and I have been a very reputable person.Schreck86 is an absolute nobody and previously was found out to be a vaughn live moderator.To my knowledge, he still to this day is a moderator.Previously miss scruffy indicated this to be true. I will be adding a screen recording of his communication in the scuttlebuttscorner.com chatbox incriminating him for harassment and threats by communication in several chatrooms. Let it be known this is unmanipulated proof of his behavior. I will be standing silent and allowing him to continue to out himself. When I am through I hope to have caught him in more of an act of example.He has been being careful what he says and does and he should be.I am here for one reason after his effort towards me. To completely display his disregard for others.He is not innocent nor is he seen any other way but negatively in the online interaction he pursues. Look for it as soon as I upload it to youtube. See post below including video and screenshots.


Notice the fact schreck86 dislikes being banned (he is a terrible fail troll and psychotic)


Once again he feels the need to mention being banned.It really bothers him to be caught in the act.

As I noted before schreck86 was noted as being a vaughnlive moderator by msscruffy and Mark Vaughn in the past.The fact he acts the way he does towards other people should be well noted as a very good reason not to trust him nor regard him as a respectable person. He is a coward and only chooses targets that he feels are the easiest to gang up on. He joined in the thing between Unitedamerican and Lardo444 and scuttlebutts chatbox because he knew he had other people who shared a dislike for Unitedamerican. Schreck86 is just another two faced vaughnlive minion.Just one of the many other Mark Vaughn ass kissers

Schreck86 is just another two faced vaughnlive minion.Just one of the many other Mark Vaughn ass kissers scuttlebuttscorner has a common dislike towards. We will allow scuttlebuttscorner and gang to find their own understanding of how terrible of a person schreck86 is.

Below has iRodney, Schreck86 and hippychk written all over it:





This is what he is referring to about being “banned by sam” in reality he is delusional that he is anything but a stalker.


Not only does he stalk people and act like a tough guy he is also very stupid.he confirms his identity by going up on cam.



This is proof that schreck86 harasses people online.He is typing and narrates every single action he takes to them like an idiot.Notice how delusional he is thinking that the people in the chatbox on this blog love him.Do they know he is a vaughnlive staff member? How about a supporter of glensroom? How about how he bashes me when I never did a fucking thing to him?


schreck86Wow, so popular isn’t he? Nobody loves him. What a shame.


This is just another example of a psychopath online.He sits waiting for days, hours, minutes for any sign of me in scuttlebuttscorner.The only way I know this is the fact that I constantly catch him inside the chat box.He isn’t there for any reason but to gain favoritism by the scuttlebuttscorner regulars.He was doing all he could to impress hemdroid and hipperz.Little does he know that soon they will pick up on his behavior and catch on to his tactics and reverse the situation.


Still doing his best to impress that Glensroom asshole schreck86 has reduced himself to the biggest ass kisser glensroom has ever had.Schreck has been spending so much time in scuttlebuttscorner in the chatbox it is ridiculous.All schreck has been doing is manipulating people. He started by attacking unitedamerican to impress lardo and scuttlebutt.Then he has begun to smack talk lynn vaughn and vaughnlive.I guess because they banned him? Idk but they should ban him.It would be doing the world a favor.I have caught shcreck86 under guest names in scuttles chatbox instructing people to troll glensroom.The problem? Glensroom will do nothing but ban them or do private shows or shut guest off.Glensroom is a pussy.Schreck is doing it to promote glensroom and give him traffic.It’s all a ploy.Schreck has proven nothing other than he lacks any common sense.Schreck86 and bagface are nasty to each other.They do not get along and I think it’s funny.