Sara Dicks Two

Calling into Glensroom acting like you are “reprimanding Glen” but in reality, all you want is attention. Eventually, all the alcohol you drink will kill you. Eventually, all the men you sleep with will give you an S.T.D. and then who is going to bother with you? Eventually, Rent A Center is going to take all your belongings for non-pay. That condom collection is larger than “thatdudeace’s” down syndrome forehead.


So True….






Another person who dislikes sarahsixtwo over her behavior towards others. Sarah is HATEFUL and manipulative and VERY narcissistic.She abuses her child and abuses drugs and alcohol.She has no ability to treat others with respect yet she demands everyone else kiss her ass.Sarahsixtwo is a real manipulative piece of fucking shit.


So Sarah is on cam with some strange guy and the next thing you know she points the cam at a couch and in the background you can hear her moaning etc.How do I know this? Well, a blog covered it with a video recording and seems to have exposed the fact that this went on when Sarah was live on vaughnlive. Once again a prime example of how she gets away with anything on vaughnlive while others get banned for the slightest thing. Favoritism and manipulation are what you can expect from Sarah. CLICK HERE





This girl has never changed.She is still two faced and bipolar as fuck.She does not seem to broadcast as much which is good or maybe it’s because I simply ignore her more? Idk but you don’t see me on vaughnlive or anymore.I never use google+ anymore and that is likewise a great thing.I have witnessed the “blogs” attack sarahsixtwo enough that I can sit here and do nothing.She gets what she deserves.

sarahwhore parent of the year

Parent of the year.While taking a selfie like a whore, her son is out of sight doing whatever he wants.


A lot of truth exists in this creation.

cant rush menopause

The day Joker met sarahdicks2


Covering her face (she should she is a disgrace)

What a horrible person this girl is.As time continues she does more and more things that make you realize how insane this girl is.


Well, Sarah was arrested for a DUI and went to jail.It was her 5th or 6th DUI and she had already had her boy taken from her custody.Sarah is simply trash and that will never change.

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You will notice above that all of this was screenshot by another website.I mean no disrespect.I include this all as evidence of how terrible of a person Sarahsixtwo is.Even though Sarah defended me on Skype with Glensroom she still took the time to disrespect and insult me.She banned me from her broadcast as if I did something wrong.Sarahsixtow’s friend Ganjagirl was a troublemaker and part of the reason many bad things happened to me online.I am normally a very forgiving person but Ganjagirl is just as much a piece of trash as sarahsixtwo and glensroom.Look for more updates to this page. Sarah will NEVER get her shit together.