iRodney The Irrelevant

There is this sick minded internet asshole who uses an old camcorder from 1980 to make videos of an elderly retired school teacher who makes his narcissistic mind go haywire every time he harasses her in her broadcast. He seriously believes he is a troll. He believes he is funny. He believes he is above other people. He will Dox people. Talk constant shit. Anything for attention. He spends his entire life taking things with people too far. For YEARS this asshole would type things in reference to me being handicapped and lower himself to the level of a schoolchild by calling me names only a child could think of. You see when iRodney first came to vaughnlive he was irrelevant and the same nobody he is today. Then one day he found foxmanshawn and started calling him on Skype and using him for popularity, he started going to America’s third party’s broadcast and harassing him with his childish bullshit. ATP made him look like an idiot so he still to this day cannot let it go and move on. iRodney is the same with cookielischitz and the same with me. You see we all made him look like an asshole. We all got the best of him. We got into his head and unplugged his loose wiring.


irodney is infatuated with tripcode


iRodney dox’s kypoopy in a chatroom

A day in the life of iRodney.

  1. Wakes up and masturbates to a picture of cookielipshitz
  2. Lights up his crack pipe and opens up vaughnlive in his browser
  3. Goes from room to room on vaughnlive looking for attention
  4. Gets bored and starts trolling anyone featured on the front page of vaughnlive
  5. Calls hippychk and then starts to touch himself
  6. Calls Glensroom on Skype and masturbates to his dick nose
  7. Calls Schreck86 and touches himself
  8. Thinks about me constantly and becomes overly sensitive to my lack of response and begins bawling like a girl scout who got her cookies stolen
  9. Masturbates to a picture of cookielipschitz one more time
  10. Eats his ramen noodles he purchased with his EBT card
  11. Pretends he is important to the integrity of the entire internet
  12. Writes over and over again on paper “I am a troll” so he forgets how badly he fails at trolling.
  13. Masturbates to a picture of cookielipschitz one more time

Below is a screen recording of iRodney in cookielipschitz chatroom harassing her once again.This guy is a real piece of shit nutcase.he refuses to leave her alone even after she has verbally destroyed him worse than anyone else he has encountered.

Below has iRodney, Schreck86 and hippychk written all over it:


This loser has become so irrelevant lately that he has reduced himself to a blog chat box and commenting on “scuttlebuttscorner” posts as if I am even in there or anywhere to be found.It really is desperate for irodney to beg for my undivided attention.I have this sense that he is capable of harassment on some over the top level.The desperation just makes you feel like irodney has absolutely no life outside of the internet.iRodney claims he has a job and he is not spending every moment on the internet.Seveal times he has claimed he does not take the internet serious though he takes things entirely too far online.He has dropped DOX in chatrooms and nothing has been done about it.He seems pretty mental and easily obsessed with me.


iRodney has reduced himself to spending time in scuttlebuttscorner chatbox and just telling the chatbox whatever he thinks they want to hear.Schreck86 has joined in and I have also witnessed hippychk/Brittster in there.Coco2loco/ karpetdawg acts as if she is hiding from the attention she is getting for spending so much time defending glensroom by rarely using the username coc2loco. These people are so psychotic that even after catching them and revealing their usernames it is not enough.They act as if this website filled with facts and screen shots and recordings of them misbehaving is illegal and wrong. They claim slander when they are doing it to themselves publicly.

iRodney will call into glensroom during his broadcast and act like glensroom’s friend and then immediately troll his chat.Glensroom seems to allow him to troll only because Glen believes iRodney will protect him from me and others.Catching iRodney outside of the glensroom chat you will find he says and repeats a lot of bad things that Glen has proven to have done.iRodney is nothing more than the type of troll who repeats the same thing over and over.Irodney hates on the handicapped he hates on the less fortunate and he seems to get off on harassment.iRodney has been on Skype with schreck86 and Glensroom and it seems like Schreck tries to copy iRodney’s voice as if he is trying desperately to be iRodney.Glen has revealed that “schreck86 is moving into a beautiful new home” and I have called schreck out on it by saying things like “so schreck86 is moving into a new home and glensroom now has his dox”.The funniest thing to happen was to see schreck try to shut glensroom up when he started talking about it all.Glensroom has also made up with cookielipschitz and cookie has taken it upon herself to manipulate glensroom into giving up hippychk’s/Brittster’s dox.Glensroom responded by trying to force cookie to do a mobile cast on younow and include him.Glensroom is upset he was proven to be banned from younow.Narcissists like Glensroom cannot be ridiculed for being banned so his defense mechanism is to try to get back on younow any way he can. Glensroom will talk about nothing but Howard Stern trying to make himself look famous anymore. People have made glensroom feel threatened and Glensroom has obsessed over what I post.He will defend himself against nearly anything I type.This further supports the fact I am winning.As far as this irodney person cookie has stated that “hippychk paid irodney money to get my dox”.This further supports how psychotic brittster/hippychk is.I would like nothing more than to grab hippychk/brittster’s dox and show her how it feels to be fucked with.

They all claim to be posted about here yet I change the page url continually making it impossible without me linking to it for them to navigate to the pages.This will continue and I will be changing the url of this page as well. Look for more updates as I keep a record of everything that happens.

yetta calls irodney insane furrypants calls him glun because also coco2loco

Yetta refers to iRodney on Skype with Glensroom as a “Lunatic”

This iRodney just continually is displayed as insane.Another very accurate depiction of him courtesy of “cookielipschitz” (his obsession with her is very disturbing)


yetta calls irodney insane furrypants calls him glun because also coco2loco

Notice Glen once again trying to get irodney on skype while yetta is on his shitty little excuse for a “show”.Yetta is referring to iRodney in the chat and explains it all.Also notice “furrypants aka okbubaswife aka coco2loco (all the same person reveals her identity by typing “glun” in reference to glensroom.This girl is a total fuckwad.Crazy as fuck.