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People With Boundaries

Narcissists like Glensroom do not like people with boundaries.I had boundaries and I would ignore questions I did not want to answer.This probably had set him off many times and resulted in him trying to use my boundaries against me. 

One of my boundaries is my full name and address and personal information.This was the reason Glensroom/Glen Schoen attempted (yet failed) at spreading information thought to be mine all over the internet.

Another boundary was my best friend because I was protective of her.He tried to include her in his attack yet she did not respond to his hundreds of messages.He is INCAPABLE of taking responsibility for his actions or behavior.That is why he blames me or puts me at fault for everything.

How would Glensroom feel if someone helped him with things for years and then they dropped what they thought was personal information all over the internet?

How would Glensroom feel if someone helped him with things for years and then threatened to shoot and kill him?

How would Glensroom feel if someone helped him for years and then dedicated all their time into telling lies about them publicly on the internet?

How would Glensroom feel if someone helped him for years and then during their broadcast made allegations they were watching him?

How would Glensroom feel if someone helped him with things for years and then stalked him and harassed him?

How would Glensroom feel if someone helped him for years and they called the police department to report false claims that they scammed him?

I want to respectfully ask that Glensroom/Glen Schoen put himself in MY place. I think it’s very obvious I am NOT the bad person here at all.

YOU Glen Schoen/Glensroom INITIATED THE INTERACTION and the person who initiates the interaction with me is to blame for the problem.

YOU Glen Schoen/Glensroom are the aggressor, YOU Glen Schoen are the ATTACKER and I AM THE TARGET.

I would not have responded if Glensroom/Glen Schoen would not have thrown water on me. I had no reason to throw water on Glen Schoen/Glensroom.


Normal people will ALWAYS blame the person who initiated the aggression. Glen tries to be passive aggressive to hide the fact he is the aggressive person.

I know and have not lost the timeline of events.I know the truth and what really happened.Get it straight that I am not the one dwelling on it all and talking about it nonstop.I pay no attention to Glensroom/Glen Schoen. Glensroom has no power over me. It has been almost two years and Glensroom is STILL trying to make himself look innocent by publicly lying about being the victim.

The timeline:

I was evacuated from a place I lived and could not be online.

Because I was not online to guide Glensroom through the steps in helping him he got very angry and started to rage.He could not contain his anger and became so dependant on me for everything he could not function.

Glensroom called me on Skype and when talking to me offered me money “to help out” and I quickly denied.Glensroom begged me for my location and a phone number where he could reach me.All along he was trying to find a way to “get me back” for not being there every waking moment.

Glensroom sent money over the Western Union in an attempt to identify me.Western union demands a driver’s license and identity when accepting money and Glensroom knew this.Glensroom was doing whatever he could to confirm my identity and name. Why? I had a boundary and wanted to retain my privacy. It was ok for others who Glensroom knew online to retain their privacy but not ok for me to do that.

I DID NOT accept the Western Union money at all.It sat for months.In another fit of anger and rage, Glensroom tried to get me to accept the money over Paypal. Again I refused. After a few weeks of him harassing me over it, I accepted his 20 dollars. (All he sent me was 20 dollars) Glensroom was overly happy and excited when that happened because he thought he had what he needed. Glensroom forgot some very important things about that Paypal transaction. I can become anyone even on Paypal. I can have a Paypal account NOT connected to a bank account. That allows me to have ANY NAME I want.

After the Western Union part of the timeline Glensroom called me on Skype to ask me to help him with his Youtube videos and playlists. During the interaction on Skype I told him I had been helping him for years with the same thing. I told him he was NEVER satisfied with the work I did on his Youtube resulting in advising him to learn to do it himself. This made him very very angry and took him into another rage. He tried to hold his composure. Glensroom lashed out on me placing the blame on me for numerous videos on Youtube being private. Glensroom is the person who made all the videos private because he was frightened of losing his video content. All of Glensroom’s videos were being flagged for copyright infringement.(2 illegal audio recordings of Howard Stern’s radio show).The flagged content resulting in me realizing that Glensroom was NOT famous. If Glensroom was famous he would not be flagged.Glensroom would have permission to post the audio content. After Glensroom’s fit of uncontrollable rage he then started to change which videos were public and private as if he thought doing that would make me angry. I knew what Glensroom was doing and it had no effect on me. Glensroom then changed the password to his Youtube account. I knew Glensroom was triggered.

The next night Glensroom went live on vaughnlive and publicly on the front page threatened to dox me the next day.Glensroom was so angry he threatened to kill me. I have a recording of him threatening my life. If anything happens to me I will release that recording to the authorities. Glensroom will go to jail if anything happens to me. (Glens mouth always gets him into trouble)

The next day I dropped Glensroom’s publicly available information.I passed out his email addresses,IP addresses,airial photos of his shitty apartment. I spread it all over Facebook and unblocked all the people Glensroom blocked and banned on Facebook. I changed his Facebook password. I prevented him from getting into the Facebook page.

I outdid Glensroom. I dropped his DOX and included information he could NEVER have accessed about me. It made Glensroom look stupid and he was in a huge rage. His face was all red. He lost control of himself and couldn’t stop talking about me. Glensroom thought having people in his chatroom talk about me would bother me. I paid no attention. All that effort for me to ignore it all.

For almost two years Glensroom refuses to shut up about me. Every time he mention’s me he confirms that I got the best of him. I won and he cannot stand that. This timeline of events is what Glensroom doesn’t want any of you to read.

My real first name is William. People really do call me Bill. My really good friends call me Billy. I am a very good person who treats people how they treat me. I believe that respect is important in life. If I lose respect for someone it’s forever.

I do not harass anyone online. I do not spend very much time on the internet. Unlike Glensroom I am not an internet terrorist. I am not crazy like Glensroom. I do not stalk anyone. I have no reason to. Glensroom is projecting. That is all he does. The people who support Glensroom are delusional. Glensroom is a pretender. Someday you all will realize what me and many others have. Don’t waste your time on him. He is not famous. He will not make you famous. He will only drag you down.

Thank you for reading. I want to say that people with difficulties in life are not ok to target. Picking someone’s weaknesses and pointing them out is a real asshole move. if any of you reading this do that sort of thing you should really look at your own flaws. Nobody is perfect.