Several screen shots of others comments explain enough about this dreadful creature of mental instability.I won’t even have to go into much detail really.I will allow the captures to explain it all.


Look at her weight..WOW
















You can see for yourselves that this girl is disturbed.There are several occasions where she created issues with people over nothing.She is truly obsessed with a retired school teacher who previously broadcast on blogtv.This retired teacher moved to broadcasting on vaughnlive.tv and hippychk and iRodney harassed her by calling her phone number and posting her home address and full name all over vaughnlive.These are the type of people who hang around Glensroom/Glen Schoen.

A true “legal representative” would not act this way, proving what we already know.She is NOT a “legal representative” of any type.It’s all lies.She hides behind a chat room like a coward.She can’t even be considered a troll she is lower than a bottom feeder.Complete garbage.

Many people stick up for “hippychk” because they have no clue how horrible of a person she is.At one point in time in 2015 “hippychk” did a broadcast where she hid her face behind  black screen and talked.Too frightened to use her cam, someone might treat her like shit back or find her flaws.She is probably VERY overweight and embarrassed how she looks.

Don’t take this as a compliment being included on a page exposing Glensroom “hippychk”.You will always remain a nobody because of your lack of respect for other people.”Hippychk” is a large part of the constant bullshit that happens in Glensroom.

Below is another screenshot of hippychk and her behavior towards “Cookielipschitz” (who she is infatuated with) a broadcaster from vaughnlive.tv.


Notice her lack of respect for this retired school teacher.


Such a bad reputation she has


This Spick is such a Glen suck up


Everyone calling her out






She just goes on and on about this retired school teacher 24 hours a day


she records her obsessively just to try to bully her but nothing works for hippyspick


Hippyspick definitely is a lesbian.






hppychk creates this about yetta

Hippyspick has horrible photoshop skills….

If you notice when looking closely this hippyspick has 2 subscribers. Yeah, lame isn’t it. To be expected for someone who cannot get the courage up to make her own content. She has to depend on a retired school teacher and ATP for her youtube. She is VERY obsessive.

I remember when I saw you play a musical instrument Hippyspick. Stick to pretending you are a lawyer.

HippySpick pretty much contradicts everything she says as if she is being very coy. In reality, she is a mental mess who hides her identity and face while attacking people who have absolutely no fear of showing people what they look like and displaying their flaws. She hides much like most overweight women do.


Hippychk requests access to this page while private indicating her identity, i.p. address, email address,username and obviously her location.


This is a capture of the email sent to me when “hippychk” requested to view my website. She is an IDIOT.

This is someone who lies about being a lawyer. Her dishonesty is obscene. She contradicts everything she says and does. When will she learn not to challenge someone like me? When will she use common sense? You see what this is about is not being included. She desperately requires attention. She begs to be mentioned in any way shape or form. She is the epitome of dysfunction. The “defcon 10” of mental illness. Her poor decision to attack me years ago on Facebook over something that never happened was the beginning of her plight to never drop her pretend issues with me. I did nothing wrong yet after Glen Schoen falsely accused me of doing things I never did she engaged in some stupid relentless mission to “internet fight” me.

The problem with internet fights is that they are a waste of time. I refuse to engage in them. I know what you are thinking “but then why the blog sir” well this is no internet fight. This is only a response to what another person is doing. If they shut up then there will be no more response. Thy will never shut-up though. That is never going to happen. So they should expect it to get worse for them. I have only begun.

Update 10-31-2016

Yetta made a good many of her videos public on her Youtube channel.In one of the videos Yetta challenges Hippychk to cam up while also calling her out on being a coward and harassing her for many years.Then it occurred to me.Yetta doesn’t know who hippychk is. None of us do. When researching the username “hippychk” you find it bounces you all over the place.The thought comes to mind that hippychk really begs for exposure.She wants attention and to be well known and have many friends online.It is like an obsessive sickness with hippychk.Why would she make the username hippychk anything but well known? What does not make sense is that with her attention seeking behavior she would not entirely hide her web presence which would lead you to believe the results I obtained could possibly all be her.She is just hiding things by making locations up and making posts in a public way to throw everyone off.Several people have made it important enough to try to out her but few have got anywhere.Then there is me.I am smarter than the typical internet user.Years ago I fell into a few areas where if the person made claims like hippychk did and was honest she made a grave mistake.I found a trail of bread crumbs but eventually they lead to the same path.I knew things that made her respond aggressively.That aggressive response from her means I found the truth.I identified her.You see in years of being around Glen Randy Schoen he made several mistakes.Allow me to explain.

You see in years of being around Glen Randy Schoen he made several mistakes.Allow me to explain.One time in Glensrooms broadcast Glen identified karpetdawg as coco2loco/okbubbaswife from Oklahoma.Before Glen turned on me Karpetdawg tried to cover up and say they were from Canada.They were testing me to see if I remembered.I left it go.So this is what I am getting at.With hippychk glen tried to cover up her identity stating that hippychk was NOT the same person as brittster.Then immediately afterward when I cornered him about how hippychk was harassing me Glen indicated that “hippychk is my BFF,I talk to her every day” when he knew and acknowledged years before that “brittster is hippychk because she cannot say things under the name brittster that she can under the name hippychk.Hippychk is the username and persona Brittster uses when she does not want to be identified”.So like the karpetdawg thing Glen Schoen failed at hiding hippychk’s identity.You see though a lot of the lies brittster/hippychk tells are consistant with what you will find about the username online.So lets show what the name hippychk confirms after that search.Below I will begin analyzing the information.


A forum with a user hippychk with a join date of 9-1-2016 that hides information about them (very recent) it is now 10-31-2016


This DeviantArt profile is entirely confirmed to be the actual hippychk because of the username 1bench.He had previous interaction with her and me.

This was a very small amount of results for a typical username from a person who craves so much attention and relevance online.

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Hippychk seems to have a little obsession for Howard Stern much similar to Glen Schoen.Below she makes a very ignorant nasty statement about eric lynch from howard stern.It is definitely her using the name hippychk to say something defamatory and hide from her behavior.(Very childish)

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Glen Schoen’s description of hippychk when he says she came to NYC to meet him in person was that she had big boobs and blonde hair.Brittster does not have blonde hair at all.Her hair is black.Brittster was previously very heavy set.She might still be but she does not make her identity known enough to even know.

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One thing is for sure.This Faith Garcia indicates she has 6 children.She lived in Ohio, Florida, and California.Brittster indicated she lived in California as well and previously lived in Ohio.The thing is the person stating she is hippychk in Glensroom has a different voice than the person indicating she is Brittster.I have heard both their voices and that is what confuses me the most honestly.They could be two separate people but the issue is that regardless they both demand attention yet hide their identity.I have several pictures of Brittster.I have none to prove that brittster is also hippychk.Hippychk has been one of the most terrible people I have ever encountered and indicates she has severe mental illness.Hippychk the username is involved in a lot of argumental topics on various forums and websites.One of them is a prison talk forum that goes directly with the Faith Garcia identification’s location of Ohio.There is also a fish tank forum where Faith Garcia states she has a “hubby” indicating she is married.Faith Garcia is consistent with the statements hippychk has made in Glensroom as far as location.She also seems to be a heavier female and not only married but has children.These would be reasons for her to hide her face and identity because she is self-conscience and protecting her children. The other thing is that Faith Garcia follows a lawyer that does divorce from California.This might indicate hippychk is Faith Garcia and if so all I need is confirmation which is not that difficult.She could have divorced.She indicated she married once and it did not last.again consistent with Faith Garcia.This may be her identity OR Glen Schoen is telling the truth about hippychk being Brittster.Maybe Brittster hides her voice somehow?You see though Brittster does not seem like the kind of person who smokes marijuana and talks too much about it like hippychk does.There are so many inconsistent statements you don’t know what to believe.Glen Schoen has a big mouth, though.He hangs himself constantly.So he could have been being truthful about hippychk being Brittster or he could have lied.Below is a hippychk from plenty of fish,a dating website,and the girl though having dark hair states she has blonde hair consistent with Glen Schoen stating hippychk has blonde hair.take a peek below.

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Now if this is what hippychk looks like she is not the image of perfection.She indicates she does drugs.She just looks like she could not ever be intelligent enough to become a lawyer as this hippychk in glensroom states.There is something not ok.Something very wrong about things.Eventually she will mess up badly enough to out herself.When that happens.I will fucking be all over it.She will have fucked up very badly.I would get my revenge and she would get what she deserves.So far a coward is a coward.I have a video of yetta to include but I will have to upload it to retain it.Yetta is so hot and cold that half the time her videos are private and the other have public.You just never can trust it will be available.So I have to do what I can to retain it so it makes sense here.This page will include everything I can possibly find.Maybe it will never reveal who hippychk really is.I will try my best though.Look for more updates.

Below has iRodney,Schreck86 and hippychk written all over it:


Hippychk.Brittster revealed herself recently (even though she already revealed her identity as both hippychk and brittster) by typing hello to herself from the brittster username and typing back under the hippychk name.The funny thing is she thinks she is smarter than everyone else.What makes her angry as fuck is that I am posting pictures of brittster on my main pages and it’s making her try really hard to prove hippychk and brittster are 2 different people.I know the two are one in the same.That is why brittster/hippychk will not show her face on cam.That is why she grows so upset when I confirm the two are the same person.So stupid.She has no understanding of how psycho she looks and acts.She is married to pillowfart supposedly and that is supposed to be unknown but I heard glen open his big mouth already about it.Brittster is NOT a lawyer and her claims of being one are lies.She may have studied for the bar exam but that is meaningless.Pillowfart already fucked up and said his wife was pregnant. So Brittster probably has a child.Only someone as sick as glensroom would call themselves his best friend.I need to grab more pictures of brittster to use as fuel to piss her off.It will force her to run and hide.Then I win.The real people who are insane? Not me but they sure project their own insanity on me.So lame.Just very very lame.