Encrypted lost his tech badge after an altercation with Raunchfoxxx during one of Raunchfoxx’s game show broadcasts. The entire thing was well known by others who use a website named vaughnlive. I will be including several screen shots of posts created by Raunchfoxx on his publicly available Facebook page. I mean ABSOLUTELY no disrespect by posting this.

Raunchfoxxis no longer here with us and has passed on. I may have had a slight disagreement with him but it was over nothing and he did apologize. In my opinion, he was doing his best to patch things with other people. I think if all of the people who are online right now took his example and dropped things and moved on people like me would not be forced into defending themselves.

When Raunchfoxx refers to EncrypteD as a “whiner” he is entirely correct.

More from Raunchfoxx’s Public Facebook Account:

Notice Raunchfoxx has easily gained information on EncrypteD as far as his identity and location.Raunchfoxx was retaining it in retaliation for when EncrypteD continued harassing him.

Everyone knows how EncrypteD acts and not to trust him.There have been many occasions where he has been banned from vaughnlive for misbehaving and he is well known for harassing women.When Mark Vaughn removed EncrypteD’s staff badge he went entirely mental and ran off to ivlog.tv. Instead of staying on ivlog.tv, like anyone intelligent would do, he obsessed about it.You can find EncrypteD show boating about being the new “krayons” because unlike mentally sane people he wants to be someone else. He will easily fly off the handle in chat rooms if you call him out on his bullshit.

When Glen Schoen started attacking “explosivekrayon” EncrypteD immediately revealed his dislike for “explosivekrayon”. Before that EncrypteD (like a coward) hid behind usernames and guest names and would continually threaten, attack and harass “krayon” as obsessively and constantly as he could. Instead of taking responsibility for his actions he hid behind people who took a dislike of “krayon” (because a coward cannot fight battles one on one). The biggest atrocity is the fact that Glen Schoen would defend EncrypteD when evidence was provided that EncrypteD was also trolling “krayon” in his broadcast. Many times EncrypteD was caught in the act and reported to staff on vaughnlive and banned.I will explain how things became so volatile between EncrypteD and “krayon”.

It all started when blogtv was still opened. In the last few months “explosivekrayon” was very helpful to Glen Schoen/Glensroom. So helpful to Glen that one of the people who helped Glen exclusively named “pillowfart” got on Skype several times with “explosivekrayon”, Brittster , Tasteslikeglitter and EncrypteD/Steve.During this time, Glen was trying to decide if he wanted to continue broadcasting live and where he wanted to broadcast after the merge of Blogtv to younow.com. Several account issues prevented Glen Schoen/Glensroomfrom usingYounowand nobody but “explosivekrayon” was able to get things straightened out.In the time “krayon” spent on Blogtv, he got to know several of the moderator team well.Those moderators had also merged with younow as employees of the website.When things had become sorted Glen had started to try to broadcast on younow. Glen’s first younow broadcast was a mess and the second broadcast he left in a childish fit of anger.A username “jaybaby” had disliked Glen and been in his chatroom and Glen didn’t like that he lacked control over who could come into his broadcast.That was the end of using younow


After that Glen Schoen/Glensroomstarted using a website named vaughnlive.tv. Glen is so illiterate and stupid he is unable to do simple tasks online and requires someone to “teach” him how to do things.Part of the problem is Glen has a very childish mind and limited understanding of simple vocabulary and reading comprehension.This is where the use of remote access tools came into play.This remote access was only used with the utmost integrity and not once was this ever a malicious practice.

When Glen decided he would stay on vaughnlive

“Pillowfart” wanted to focus on his life and not on Glensroom. Glen had to make a choice to either get someone else to help him or not and whether that person would be “krayon” (who already was doing things and not just talking about it) or EncrypteD/Steve who was doing nothing but talking about helping him. Glen told EncrypteD he could be responsible for his Youtube account but never told “krayon” a thing. At that point in time “krayon” was recovering Glen’s Facebook accounts and straightening out the mess after the mess left over from hundreds of people trying to help Glen.At one point (after Glen waited weeks and weeks for Steve to back up his word and do something) “krayon” repaired all the damage in Glen’s Youtube account and started editing video archives. Nobody said it was a difficult task or anything at all but at least “krayon” was backing up his word with action. Glen then had a large issue with EncrypteD blowing it all out of proportion and throwing some sort of a fanboy fit of rage.For a few month’s EncrypteD disappeared altogether unless “krayon” was live (he was still harassing and bullying krayon). Glen told “krayon” that he knew EncrypteD was angry and very jealous of the fact he was helping Glen. It became very clear something was very wrong with EncrypteD mentally.He was very unstable and unpredictable and Glen knew not to trust him at all.

Eventually, EncrypteD returned to

Glensroomand somehow got back on the moderator list. When EncrypteD returned the threats and harassment got much worse towards “

krayon” both in Glensroom and everywhere “krayon” went on vaughnlive. Each broadcaster “krayon” became friendly with was observed by EncrypteD and because of all the jealous rage in EncrypteD’s sick little 50+-year-old head each of them became his obsession. The way Steve ticks everything is for one agenda…..popularity. Steve wants everyone to know who he is and talk about him whether good or bad.There are quite a lot of scary issues EncrypteD exposes. EncrypteD started revealing how close he was with some other very notorious bullies and trolls on vaughnlive.Most of them are very disliked online and social outcasts.None of them broadcast or show their faces.All of them hide behind keyboards waiting for anyone to target.They have no lives and nothing better to do.They all make grandiose claims they are above others in life. Condescending statements and words to make up for their bottom-dwelling status in society IRL and online.Eventually “hippychk” and iRodney and many other people joined in with EncrypteD in their little online battle with “krayon”. At several points in time, they would come into Glensroomduring rebroadcasts hosted by “krayon” and bully and threaten him resulting in being banned.They would run off crying to Glen about being banned for misbehaving and blame “krayon” as if he was banning people.The truth was Glensroom’s own moderator’s didn’t realize what was going on and just banned them because it was bothering them so much also. Through it, all Glen would defend them and try to fight and argue with “krayon” until no more rebroadcasts happened.Through it, all the worst was EncrypteD and “hippychk”.So eventually, EncrypteD gets a staff badge as a tech for vaughnlive.When Glensroom/Glen Schoen realizes this he instantly acts like it will help him in some way.Glen loves favoritism and he embraces the ability to manipulate someone who has power over other people.Glen is pretty sick isn’t he? So after the staff badge is given it lasts only a few months before EncrypteD begins his power trip during Raunchfoxx’s broadcast.The results of EncrypteD’s  behavior are above exposed by Raunchfoxx. After EncrypteD lost his staff badge he brought all of the drama into Glensroom because Glen at the time was getting along with

Raunchfoxx. EncrypteD expected Glensroom to defend him against Raunchfoxx and tried his best to manipulate Glen into fighting his battle. This was another cowardly act EncrypteD engaged in. Eventually,Raunchfoxxentirely flipped out on Glen for being nasty and mean to Inmate-jenny. Inmate jenny is a very beautiful kind hearted person who loves everyone. She suffers from a form of cancer and through all of the hurdles she overcomes in her daily life she still keeps a smile on her face.

After all the constant back and forth between Raunchfoxx and Glen and Ranchfoxx and EncrypteD, we sawRaunchfoxx health start to decline.Raunchfoxx was in the hospital for some major health reason’s.Raunchfoxx was released eventually and continued living his life.Glensroom/Glen Schoen,iRodney, Hippychk and EncrypteD continued harassing Raunchfoxx.If you look at “hippychk’s” youtube channel you will find a capture ofRaunchfoxx ending his broadcast because he had no viewers. This “hippychk” is just a terrible person in general. The capture may not exist anymore because “hippychk” doesn’t want anyone to know how horrible she is.It was there long enough for many people to witness her behavior. Raunchfoxx because of these people had a heart attack.I am 100% sure it was their fault.Nobody else causes so much anarchy and trouble.

Raunchfoxx was a fighter and he wouldn’t hold back.He defended himself to the end.I myself will miss Raunchfoxx and I know he is looking down over my shoulder.I am sure he wants me to do what I can to defend myself.People get what they deserve.

If you read this EncrypteD don’t think for a moment anything you have done to other people is excused.You will get what you deserve.The fact you are 50+ years old should be a strong indication you won’t have long to exist.I cannot believe in my entire life that a person in their 50’s would act like EncrypteD does.I guess senile behavior can be expected but mental instability on top of that is a bad mix.You will have nothing to feel successful about sitting in a nursing home still obsessing about people from

vaughnlive EncrypteD.You can look back on your life as a complete failure.It’s a shame this page will mention you in any way. I hope you notice I didn’t Dox you EncrypteD.I could have but I won’t stoop to your level.EncrypteD you cant get anyone’s Dox you have to rely on Glen Schoen who cant even speak a sentence without using the useless word “literally” and makes up pretend words to make up for his lack of intellect. It’s so bad “hippychk” has to explain what a saber is to Glen.Do you see how bad that looks?

I hope this entire page pisses you off EncrypteD.”I am not done with you” isn’t that what you say? I hear things like “we are coming for you” as if anything at all will ever happen.All of you will sit behind your keyboard trying to think up things to type that might get to me while I IGNORE you lol.I especially love how EncrypteD went running to a vaughnlive staff member he got along with and involved him.Then that wasn’t enough he also bragged about being an ivlog.tv moderator and even engaged in some nasty tactics over there.Let me tell you something EncrypteD I have Cream and his girlfriend on Skype.One call is all it takes and if you are telling the truth you lose yet another staff badge.Keep it up.If you are a staff member or moderator on ivlog you must be the biggest idiot that ever walked the earth.I am all over that website you stupid fuck.So keep “coming for me” coward.ask anyone else that has ever crossed the line with me what happened.I am relentless.I won’t stop defending myself.You should be very intimidated by me.I am a fighter, it’s what I do.Don’t come at a fighter with a fight when you can’t even crawl from behind the keyboard or show your face.You will get destroyed.I will be the last person any of you ever fuck with.

It should be noted that EncrypteD was even harassing and threatening “Inmatejenny” who is an older woman who is suffering excruciating obstacles in her daily life.She has had cancer numerous times and it has been a nonstop battle.This is EncrypteD as his true self.Ask yourself ,Do good people bother someone like “inmatejenny”? Respect your elders and never attack someone with such a struggle in their lives. EncrypteD should be ashamed of himself.

This was the day Glen found out (because he was bragging) EncrypteD was a tech for vaughnlive.This proves how manipulative Glen is.Glen finds out no favoritism can happen and quickly bails but not before he kisses up to Mark Vaughn.(who never even heard what Glen said anyway) Audio HERE

As I already said.Glen picked the wrong “krayon” to fuck with.I have YEARS worth of incriminating content.All straight from the original unedited archives.Kiss your ass goodbye Glen.It’s time to shut the fuck up.


So as of 8-12-2016 this elderly fuckface who spends 24/7 on the internet (sound familiar? like the other people involving themselves in Glen Randy Schoen’s issues HE CREATED with me actually have a life outside of the internet) gets into an altercation with Glen Randy Schoen.That’s right this big mouth motherfucker gets into an online fight with Glensroom.So I guess it’s blowing up in your face,now you are going to know what its like to be me.Expect the worst especially because you said and did the things that you did to me.I hope you crawl back into your little nobody hole.You are the biggest nobody to ever enter the internet.You act like you deserve a red carpet wherever you go.Well, that will end fast.