His name really should be “thatSPOOKace” because let’s just be honest, he really is garbage.



Stop trying to be a tough guy……you are not tough



ThatBabooNace is the definition of…



Notice the shoulders are rounded and he looks overweight.Look at his deformed finger and the fake gang sign he is flashing. This big mouth midget still lives with his parents. Mommy and Daddy take care of the wittle boy and feed him and bath him. Little monkey looking fried chicken eater…


Once upon a time there was an illiterate little watermelon eating SPOOK who called himself thatdudeace/Acer who claimed he was in the Bloods.The day everyone realized he had a nose bigger than his head (to get into other people’s business of course) was the day they realized he had down syndrome.

thatdudeace (2)

Look at that huge nose and down syndrome forehead.I am sure he see’s where this is going, after all, “thatdudeace” typed it, “thatdudeace” should be held responsible for it.


You know I am not typically racist against people of the color of their skin and in this case I am not really looking at this down syndrome failure as a color.It’s more of an act of being a SPOOK really.Anyone who involves themselves in someone else’s issues with other people has issues of their own.

You know these “internet tough guys” are all the same.They threaten your life,call you names etc because they have nothing better to do.They pick and choose who they think will be the easiest target.They picked the wrong target this time.I will make all of you eat the shit that you talk.I won’t threaten you or stalk you.I won’t harass you.I will let you continue to look stupid.Remember thatSPOOKace, Glen commands you to say things. Unless Glen approves, shut that down syndrome mouth. Glen dictates everything you say and do FOLLOWER. Stand in line until it’s your turn.

It is unreal how many of these people are gullible to believe a liar like Glen Schoen. You, people, have no idea how uneducated and stupid Glen Schoen is. Glen did the same thing he is doing to me that he did to over a dozen other people. “Thatdudeace” calls eprime his friend? Did “thatdudeace” realize what Glen Schoen has done to eprime? Maybe we should take a look. The following is a live broadcast that took place on vaughnlive. Glen Schoen was called into the broadcast and flipping out on eprime. I will explain more after the clip.

I am sure you all can hear the clip that Glen Schoen pretends to have all of eprimes “info” (meaning Glen Schoen thinks he Dox’d Eprime) Glen Schoen is so angry at eprime for being honest about disliking him that he rages and constantly mention’s eprime (just like Glen Schoen does to me for not following his every command) The reason this is here is because eprime indicates he is that dude ace’s friend. See below:



Notice the use of the word cocaine and the huge forehead (like a person with down syndrome has).Also, notice the fact he is ghetto trash.He has to be on cocaine to believe he is tough online.Just look at that gang sign flashing.Pull your pants up failure.IRL I would make you fucking cry you glensroom fuck boy.(He will say I threatened him though that was not a threat) 


At one point in time, Glen Schoen had a realization of something. Luckily eprime caught that as well: (thanks, eprime)

You all should learn to STFU and look at your reflection thatSPOOKace. You look like someone took a shit and ate it most of the time.


thatdudeace talking shit

You actually lie there.You see you like shit sandwiches because you will learn to eat the shit you talk.I wouldn’t waste the time it takes to post your out of control fingers but you see I am always referred to as whatever name pops into you and mentally unstable Glen Schoen’s head.You are so desperate for me to give you the attention you have to reply to your own comment and refer to yourself as Keith.Well, here you go this is all the attention you will ever need.Anything else there “thatdudeace” or should we call you Keith? Glen Schoen and his hundreds of usernames.That is a good one though Glen because you require a plow… sure as fuck can’t use a snow shovel.How is that arm? When do you plan on punching me in the face or shooting me in the head Glen? I can move some plans around and schedule that when convenient.


that image he created of glen was passed to me via email.It really made thatdudeace angry I posted it here


cocaine is an illegal drug,you are not very intelligent


yep sounds about right


yeah he has zero talent


close up of that reaction to someone posting his shitty photoshop work

thatdudeace (2)

this one really pisses him off

thatdudeace cant even keep a youtube channel

closed youtube channels

thatdudeace talking shit

he hangs himself continually


People never learn their lesson until they find me. I will be the last person you ever fucked with online. Go ask anyone if it’s wise to involve yourself in Glen Schoen’s battles.

CLICK HERE for that dude ace’s “info” (please everyone donate chicken wings Ni**ers love that greasy shit)





thatdudeace on the left and glen on the right….




Thatdudeace and his bragging about cocaine… eager to do drugs ….




Welcome to the truth about thatdudeace and Glen Schoen


ThatSpookAce lacks any ability to respond with anything but name calling like a child. “Whatever my name is” it really isn’t any of your business and your opinions of me were not asked for nor had I asked for your input. You see YOU were the person TYPING THINGS ABOUT ME who GOT CAUGHT IN THE ACT AND CALLED OUT. So YOU are NOT the VICTIM of me WHEN YOU decided to attack and insult me as commanded by GLEN.

My family has nothing to do with issues with me,yet all of you involve my family. What are YOUR issues with me? You see you never do state what YOUR issue with me is. Just remember I didn’t ask you. I was not the one typing ignorant things about YOU in a chatroom. YOU are responsible for YOUR words NOT ME.

Glensroom and I disagree because he attacked me. He attacked me because I would not do as he commanded. I don’t see how that has anything to do with ANY OF YOU. Don’t you have multiple usernames? I don’t see you telling the world what your full name is. All I see is you being fed improper information about me and using what someone else obtained. You are nobody,nothing and you have no clue what I am capable of. You take every single thing I type and take it out of context.


I see nothing to back up the lies I am mentally deficient in any way shape or form.


For YEARS people have attacked me using a handicap bashing technique.Obviously, it never worked.I am still here…YAWN


You really are angry that you typed something nasty directed towards me and not only got caught doing it but got destroyed and attacked on the same level as you all attacked me.

The words that were typed on Facebook were from a popular death metal song and not once did it ever mention anyone’s name. All that happened was  that someone thought they were so important to me for me to mention them and I didn’t. So they made song lyrics into an attack on them in anger. You must be slow. I don’t threaten people on the internet ever. If your face being on memes didn’t hurt your precious feelings why do you write so much about me? Why do you care so much? 

You seem to be projecting just like the elderly man you hang out with does. This alone is an indication I destroyed you.

 Stop crying ok? I am a not going to respond to your tears. You wanted my response or you wouldn’t have typed anything LOSER.

I also have been drug-free and clean for over 20 or more years. No thanks.

I also never lie when I type things. It’s impossible to lie when the screen capture shows what YOU said. Again I see you are very angry at how I responded. Anger is a form of weakness. You must be really girlie and precious. Are you crying? I see that it bothers you that I have so many Facebook friends. Well, that was the point. You see I know what makes you tick.All of you are here for the same thing P-O-P-U-L-A-R-I-T-Y and it’s all you care about.You see a screen shot of my Facebook friends (over 2000 friends now) and you say something stupid trying to indicate I have no friends. FAIL.

All of you fighting someone else’s battles and none of you know all the facts. To all of you being online is a popularity contest and THAT alone is going to be used against you. It already has numerous times.

My “self-worth” is not displayed anywhere and AGAIN I didn’t ask for your opinion. Your opinion is none of my business.

What do you mean when you say “in one of your blogs”? Are you trying to say I have more than one? Again I see no proof just like all your other outrageous claims. What do you mean? What blogs? What is the URL? Where are all the screen captures of that? You are too angry to go to that kind of trouble,but you will write a book about me a few times begging for my attention.

My job history is none of your concern.  

I see you are jealous of my musical talent. It’s ok I am used to it. None of you had any issues liking and commenting on the youtube song I created for this elderly narcissist you all defend. You are all FOLLOWERS and SHEEP, not LEADERS. So you have no mind of your own. STFU until he commands you that it’s ok to speak. Type everything he tells you. Don’t be concerned if you should be responsible for it at all.

Also, he sent me money one time. He just blew it out of proportion like everything else in his ancient mind. You are all so gullible you believe his every word anyway….FOLLOWER.

How can I suck dick if you indicate I am married? Wow, you must have never taken sex education in your life. Tell me , if you were 18 right now how could you have been watching the guy who commands you around without being underage? Yet you defend him.

You should look in the mirror IMO. Who the fuck are you? How are you immune to being seen as a person who thinks they have room to talk about other people? You contradict yourself a lot, don’t you. You seem to be talking about yourself in the third person. Wait, who is crazy here? Looks like you are pretty insane yourself. Who in their right mind involves themselves in other people’s battles?

I think you mean “starters” not “starers” and “aka” means also known as. You know that right? It’s so easy to use something called spell check when you are uneducated like yourself. You should really stop making mistakes that reveal your lack of intellect. It makes you look even more illiterate and uneducated. You should make more effort when attacking me so it’s more valid. Again… yawn…so bored.

I find no meaning in the phrase “crippled welfare cheating loser” what does being “crippled” (a derogatory word for handicapped you have no right to use) have to do with the welfare system? What does cheating have to do with anything?

As much sense as you fighting another person’s battles against someone else. You seem to be adding things to something you lack any concept about. You don’t get it, do you? You are a NOBODY. The caps are not yelling its for focus purposes. I realize you are really really slow.

A few websites are satire and not to be taken as fact. I had no idea it existed. Me commenting on it is a lie entirely. I never met someone who will state I am the stalker yet he is posting things from 2012 I never knew existed from a disgruntled ex gf. Anyone can see that the post is some jealous ex gf who refuses to leave me alone. Leave it to you to manufacture it to be about something more. Have you ever thought about how your actions put my children in danger? 

Listen, I don’t believe for a second you are anything but angry with me because you dished it out and now you can’t take it.

”thatdudeace:I never involved myself in your business” <–YES YOU DID!  My “business” is exactly what problem I have with you. It doesn’t involve you. Yet you continue thinking what happens between me and a 60 some year old man is your business. That is called involving yourself in other people’s business. I want to remind you that the 60-year-old man you defend would never do the same for you in return. He doesn’t care about you, FOLLOWER. You have no mind of your own and do not DESERVE his protection. He won’t fight your battles. Again you make yourself look stupid.

I don’t have to do fucking shit here. This is much too easy.

Also, I don’t act like an internet tough guy. You don’t see me on cam threatening to kill someone or shoot them in the head. You DO see that 60 some year old coward you defend saying that continually. So do you understand? YOU and your coward friend who involves you in his battles between others threaten my life. YOU threatened me also and yet you sit there trying to portray yourself as an innocent person.

I have to remind you that without audio of me playing (copyright infringement) you cannot prove I play “horrible music on guitar”.Also (unlike you) I have the BALLS to cam up and perform. So tell me,when are you going to play guitar and sing live and do better than me? That’s what I thought,NEVER…coward.

I have more talent than you have in your fingernail. Just remember how bad you look talking about musical talent when you lack any. You belong around people like that elderly 60year old because just like him YOU ARE A TALENTLESS,miserable NOBODY follower.

I am very clean about myself to be quite honest. I have no idea who this “FAG” is you speak of. I would never waste my time “trolling” anyone.

You appear paranoid and schizophrenic by talking as if everyone who “trolls” you is me. Don’t make me out to be the crazy one because you display issues that medication could not alleviate. I am not your “brother” nor do I talk like that. If being an idiot was a professional career you would excel at it.

A person cannot be a hypocrite when they haven’t done anything hypocritical. It seems like you lack an understanding that nothing you type or say will make you relevant to me or anyone else. You try so hard to be accepted by others.

You,like your 60-year-old elderly friend hitting on children, must have no ability to interact with the real world socially. You have to be the epitome of social rejection forcing you to use the internet as a means of feeling important. Your application for social acceptance online has been rejected. I am above you and staying there. You think this is worth your time?

Listen that fat girl who pretends to be a lawyer online and hides from the webcam like a typical coward won’t drop it. Look, tell that little bitch with no life to move along. Nobody cares about her requirement for acknowledgment. I have already said, I have better things to do and better people to focus on. Birds of a feather flock together. All of you are just like the 60-year-old elderly failure. All of you belong together. 

My drumming and music talent has already been addressed. You lack any talent and you contribute garbage lies with absolutely no value. Until YOU play drums or create music let us professionals stick to what we do and you stay at home and waste your life listening to elderly people who think they are famous.

thatSPOOKace took a lot of time making up a fictional story about someone he doesn’t know as if that will make you appear above other people. You really lack the ability to form sentences and correctly use punctuation. Making lists must be really tough for you. Twenty-three things on a list. I must be really awesome because you don’t know me yet took the time to make a huge list. Thanks. I feel so much more above you after ignoring that. You lost my attention after number one.

I never threatened to kick anyone’s ass. I don’t talk shit like you do. I will let you look like the bad guy, after all, you are good at it. I never threatened to kill anyone. Get it right, I have a recording of that 60-year-old you worship saying he is going to shoot me in the head and he is going to kill me. I wonder where your recording of me talking and saying that is. Hmm, it didn’t happen, did it?

You are really mad. You aren’t very smart, are you? You see you are being programmed wrong. That 60-year-old commanding you around called Davie22 “welfare davie” so it’s impossible for him or YOU to call anyone else that name. It doesn’t make any sense. You seriously cannot develop anything original, can you? All you do is use what other people have used that had zero effect on the target. Do you honestly think that Davie22 appreciates your talking about him like you do? What the fuck is wrong with you? Like I said you are unable to mind your own business yet you believe I am not permitted to display your behavior and make you look as terrible as you are online. Take responsibility for what you typed. Own it. Stop trying to get out of it. YOU SAID IT. You can’t deny it. You are not innocent. Nobody believes you.

You realize how bad you look attacking people you don’t know right? Just remember it was your poor decision to make yourself look bad not mine.

Just look how unpopular and irrelevant he is:

2 subscribers. No content. No following. No creativity. yet he has a huge fucking mouth about everyone else. 

A day In The Life of “thatdudeace”

  1. Wakes up and ejaculates all over a photo of Glen Schoen
  2. Takes a shit and then walks into his kitchen
  3. Has no food because his entire family are on food stamps
  4. Eats left over moldy chicken and then masturbates to Glen Schoen AGAIN
  5. Thinks about Glen Schoen and ways of making him praise him
  6. Types stupid fucking shit about me (he doesn’t even know me at all) in Glen Schoen’s pretend broadcast (Glen Schoen thinks he is famous and on TV)
  7. Begs for Glen Schoen to mention his name and like an idiot gives Glen too much information about him forgetting people like me can find that shit out.
  8. Begs Hippychk and bagface to write about me on their shitty illiterate blog (yet has everything to say about my blog that actually gets traffic)
  9. Writes something stupid and Hippychk and Bagface type other shit for him to make it look even worse and more illiterate
  10. Disappears from the internet after I post a photo of his real face because he is so embarrassed his own appearance might be found out and gets upset and hurt
  11. Runs to his vaughnlive profile and removes his profile photo (again because he is a little bitch coward who does not wish to be identified…too late bitchboy)
  12. Writes what he thinks is my real name on his vaughnlive profile because he thinks it will accomplish something (exposing how childish he is and mentally unstable)
  13. Doesn’t come back to Glensroom for months and months because now he realizes nothing he tried has worked against me.
  14. Cries himself to sleep and hides in the dark with his door barricaded and locked while his parents wonder what his issue is

So tell me how it feels to be destroyed.You are too easy.Nothing you do or say can make you look good after all the shit you desperately attempted to disprove and failed.

Just like all of them thatdudeace has become a ghost scared of his own shadow.The rest of your life thatdudeace I will be in the back of your mind.You better be weary.I will make you my bitch every single time you get out of line.


I believe this person is using a new username “kobe4lyfe” because they have revealed they are pretty obsessed with glensroom and defending him.It’s similar and they have displayed their identity as a part of the “attack bill plow” thing.One thing a little gross is their obsession with “your mom” jokes and talking about eating cum a little too much.No big deal really they only repeat the same insults and have no original concepts.That itself seems to say “ace” all over it. A fat little nigger with crazy fingers on the keyboard.So typical isn’t he?