Rest In Peace Raunchfoxx. I know you are watching over me because Glen Schoen is making himself look bad not me. The very same thing he did when he said terrible things about you when you were alive.

This is a page to expose Glensroom.The reason I am exposing Glensroom is he dox’s people on vaughnlive.tv and ivlog.tv and harasses them.

Glen Randy Schoen has also been banned from a website named Younow.com that allows anyone from age 13-adult age to broadcast live over a webcam with a chat room.

More can be found on the dark web about his acts of sexual harassment on Blogtv, Blogtvjr, and Younow. Glensroom has the mind of a child predator and is VERY sick. This is the reason Younow took immediate action and banned his account permanently.

Glensroom uses illegal drugs live during his broadcast on Vaughnlive.tv. Glensroom also does illegal prank calls using Skype/voice over IP.Most of the illegal calls are to hookers and escorts but he has called eating establishments and adult bookstores.This page will expose his real name and address (publicly available).

It should also be noted there is absolutely nothing illegal about doxing and we are NOT harassing Glen Randy Schoen.We are PROTECTING others who have been the victim of Glensroom.

We welcome groups such as 4chan and anonymous to help take this individual out before he harms another child or adult online.

You can also read about this asshole in a limited few posts I created.