What do you see?

Let’s take a look at how ignorant Glensroom/Glen Schoen is? What do YOU see in this picture? I see a HERO who fought for our FREEDOM and I see a person who deserves to be respected for what they sacrificed FOR FREEDOM. So what does Glensroom/Glen Schoen see? How does he say that? Doesn’t he use the word “cripple”? Doesn’t he make accusations that the handicapped are all taking advantage of welfare? Doesn’t he suggest that the handicapped are “losers” who don’t deserve to be respected by anyone? Haven’t all of you heard Glensroom/Glen Schoen insult and degrade anyone he believes is flawed? How many times has he exposed his ignorance? Yet you all are too stupid to stop supporting him. Ignorance and disrespectful behavior towards other people is not funny. WAKE UP.


Make sure you remember when you are making snide remarks about this post and photo that you realize diabetes can make it so YOU lose your legs. Maybe you deserve to know what it’s like Glensroom/Glen Schoen? I hope you get what you deserve Glensroom.