He “Has All Your Info” Threats

(Sarcasm) Oh you better watch out the crybaby might threaten you and pretend he “has your info” and tell people you don’t know on the internet. It doesn’t make you tough or cool. It doesn’t mean you are important. People aren’t intimidated by Glensroom and his bullshit claims.

To clarify. I never did anything but suggest he edit his own Youtube videos and stop bothering me with his commands. I stood up to him. I told him to do his own thing. I told him being on TV was HIS DREAM NOT MINE. To Glensroom it is illegal to have a mind of your own. All he did was take a childish fit because he didn’t get his own way. I am not the person dwelling on it. All of you who read everything I post know better than to hold me at fault for anything. Every post I make or create is taken out of context and turned into something it isn’t. Every single person who includes themselves in the obsession Glen Schoen has with me play the victim card. None of them have any clue. Ever wonder why the list of people who dislike Glensroom is so large? All of you will eventually become another victim. Another name on the list of people Glensroom has attacked for having a mind of their own.