Two Years…..

Two years of tears from Glen Schoen. Two years of crying about something he pretends I did to him. Two years of claims and accusations about someone on a website with an owner who seems to have a terrible reputation for extorting money from people for his own benefit while claiming it was for the website he created. A website that has never gained any popularity or progress.A website that has proven that once you are rejected by the popular crowd you are removed without question. For someone like Glen Schoen it should be easy to get rid of him because many people dislike him. He believe’s the dislike is good because in his head he is an internet celebrity.The truth? He is actually an internet nobody. He tries to stay relevant and he is so desperate he clings to the past claiming it is more than what it ever was. This is much too easy for me. Ask him why Debbie The Pet Lady was permitted to enter the studio with Howard Stern and Glen Schoen wasn’t. If he is such a celebrity why does Howard Stern reject him and insult his intelligence? Why does Stern consider Glen a fanboy? Why does Stern ask Glen Schoen to stop making recordings of their telephone conversations for his shitty imaginary show? The biggest question? Why does Stern and associates (the Tv and Radio Networks) put DMCA takedown notices on every video Glensroom puts up on youtube requesting removal? Why did Glen Schoen’s youtube channel get a strike against it if Glen Schoen is so fucking famous? How could all of these people online never question the claims Glen Schoen makes? Why can’t all of you see the real Glen Schoen? Is the bullshit so deep none of them can see through it all? 


Like above Glen Schoen might as well just put a dress on and get it over with.He really behaves like a little girl, not a man.He has no balls but he talks like he is a tough guy. He cries about trolls on vaughnlive and then acts like they have no effect on him. He does private broadcasts but then cries about people he dislikes watching him, recording him, trolling him in public. Glen Schoen is the dumb ass High school drop out who is too stupid to learn if something is public he has no control over it. he ran and hid from “trolls” on vaughnlive and the people he made enemies with because he refuses to shut his big mouth. He is a big shit talker who thinks nobody is allowed to respond accordingly. How could he believe he can get anywhere with me? You see I give it back and I know he hates that. 


I can photoshop better than you can even imagine Glen Schoen. I can see in the future there will be bars in front of your face. You seem to think I am unaware of how I am in your head 24 hours a day. All you think about is how fucked you are. You should think about how much worse this can become Glen Schoen. 2 years. 2 fucking years of your mouth. When you choke on every word and eat all the shit you talk who would have won? You created your own problems.


You see the theory above is entirely true. If you take Glen Schoen and add one of his many targets and then add an audience he becomes a complete internet asshole. Someone who cannot refrain from putting people down because he has absolutely nothing to contribute as far as entertainment. He has hundreds of flaws yet he seems to think he can pick other people’s flaws to hide his own.


Watch his face when he talks. When he gets red faced and smiles and looks away from the camera. He is acting the narcissist and manipulating all of you. He looks away when he lies. When he is making things up. When he refers to someone like me he thinks he is being coy but he has actually admitted his own lies. He cannot lie when he is called out. The funny thing is even after he calls himself out and admits he lies all of them continue to watch him. They all continue to believe him. All of the people who do what he commands are too slow to understand. He will tell the world everything you told him in confidence. If you move he will publicly reveal it. If he knows your real location or name he will say it. You cannot trust him yet all of you continue supporting his bad behavior.


Everyone else who Glen Schoen victimized knows these things about him. All of them can tell you what I tell you here. GET AWAY! RUN! AVOID GLEN SCHOEN! HE IS NOT YOUR FRIEND! HE IS NOT A CELEBRITY! HE IS NOT INTERNET FAMOUS! He has turned on people for not being in his broadcast. He does it all the time. I proved it here before. Look around on here. You will see plenty of reasons to avoid him. I have not done anything on these pages but allow Glen Schoen to reveal himself what he is about. There is nothing Glen Schoen claims here. I am not obsessed with him it is the other way around. I get thousands of hits here per day and a great amount of that traffic comes from ONE IP ADDRESS belonging to someone from the Bronx in NYC. We know who that is right?