What Glensroom CANNOT Do


  1. He can’t do anything online without mentioning me
  2. He can’t forgive anyone who has not followed his every command
  3. He doesn’t have the ability to do a “show” without the mention of me
  4. Do your best to broadcast without talking about anyone else and make sure you come right back to what you ALWAYS do when people stop paying attention to you (talk lies about other people nonstop all night)

Let’s see what Glen Schoen has achieved with me.

  1. Not one thing. Not even one time.
  2. You made me out to be the ONLY person who destroyed you after you attempted to smear my name in the presence of people who don’t even know me.
  3. You made me look indestructible.

So I can’t understand why you feel so arrogant. You should really feel fucked right now. You spent almost two years saying things you thought injured me and made me look bad.Realistically you did the opposite.You are NOT special and have NOT  done anything extraordinary but tell lie after lie to people who don’t even know me.

You are like a mirror to everyone because when you blame everyone else for being crazy you are showing your very own reflection.

I made Glen Schoen accountable for his atrocious behavior and his reaction confirming that there are more pronounced projections from him in the form of calling me “crazy”. He cannot come up with any other description or insult so he projects his own issues on people like me.

What Glens Schoen thinks currently “there is something really wrong with me and I am not the ‘incredible being’ I am pretending to be.”

“All narcissist’s project their unhealed parts – because they simply can’t and won’t take responsibility for them.Narcissists don’t like the fact they are empty, needy for approval, pathologically envious, and have horrible thoughts about themselves and other people. They detest their own feelings of vulnerability, deep shame and unworthiness.”

I am so inside of Glen Schoen’s head he think’s calling me crazy and making accusations I pay attention to him in some way won’t make him look bad but they do.

I am capable of accepting being ‘wrong’ and ‘imperfect’ and realize it is a part of the normal human experience. ‘Normal’ people may not necessary like it – but I can accept it and take responsibility for it. Glen Schoen cannot.

Glen Schoen will use any method available to project. This means fabricating, distorting, assigning significance to, or exaggerating what I said or did as ‘evidence’, and/or quoting third party allies which can also be fabricated.

Glen Schoen’s accusations about your character and what you ‘do’ are exactly what the Glen Schoen feels internal about himself and how he operates in the world. So he feels he is crazy and obsessed about others. He is so obsessed with me if I am online for example and broadcasting privately it would drive him entirely insane that he would have no way to harass me. Realistically it is true. I have been continuing to do whatever I do online unaffected by his childish behavior.

Look soon for an example of how angry and obsessed Glen Schoen is at younow.com for banning him that he resorts to begging someone else to mobile cast on younow.com and include him. (Yes Glen Schoen is that obsessed with trying to make himself look innocent after being banned from younow) Little does Glen Schoen know it makes me look honest because why would he beg to have someone else include him if he didn’t do anything wrong? Savannah would not approve of a younow appearance and neither would anyone else.