_ _ _ _ _ Is Trying To Hurt Me

“(Fill name in here) is trying to hurt me.” That is what he continues to want all of you to believe. That someone is trying to hurt him. It is the only way to make you all believe he is the victim when in reality he is the assailant. He is trying to make me look guilty of his make-believe crime. The crime he manufactured inside his head because I refused to follow commands. I keep feeling as if I have to revisit this same thing repetitively. It is always me stating “I didn’t follow Glensroom’s commands” or “I didn’t listen to the cry baby Glen Schoen when he DEMANDED I do what he says and now he throws a continual fit” That is EXACTLY what I have repeated like a broken record for almost 2 years. Posts describing what I mean. Definitions of what his ailment is. Explanations of his 12-year-old mind. As usual, each and every person who visited here, read two sentences and made up the rest. Then they ran back and told him bullshit and missed the entire point. I guess most of the people reading this are slower minded than I believed.

If you drop what you believe to be someone’s DOX, then they retaliate and you cannot use anything they did against them, YOU become Glensroom aka Glen Schoen. A crying fool who has no control over what I say or do who then believes he can control how people see me. When he finds out he cannot control how people see me he tells everyone I am trying to hurt him. As if he didn’t make the wrong choice by creating a smear campaign against me on the internet. As if he thinks for whatever reason he is speaking to anything but the equivalent of a brick wall.

Glensroom thinks he can be anything he wants to on the internet but he decides to be stupid. That is the only thing he ever will be. Stupid.

I don’t blame myself for what happened to me because it was NOT my fault. It was his fault. All of it was his fault and his poor decision. Nothing he pretends I did can change that. 

Some of you defend Glensroom and I am here to tell you that everything that happened to Glensroom was HIS fault, not mine. You want the stupid person you defend left alone? Then STFU and make sure he does the same and it will all go away.

Glen Schoen from the Bronx, a great big bitch boy. A crying fool. Someone who can fucking dish it out but not take it in return. Yet he thinks he is tough. Tough people don’t pretend they are the victim of something THEY did to someone else. Tough people are like me. Still here after all the shit people dished out waiting for any of you to do something impressive. I am so bored with this back and forth and on and on. Go find an easy target, not me. I am too hard for you to break. 

Grow up Glensroom. Your mom doesn’t have any authority over me. I can’t be grounded for treating you the way you deserve to be treated. Like the piece of garbage you really are. Go shovel some more snow moron. Maybe you will strain your other pussy arm you diabetic fuckface.