There Are….

There are……

…..people like GLEN SCHOEN/GLENSROOM who are washed up and complete NOBODIES with ZERO TALENT and then there are people who are realistically talented like I am.There are people like Christina Grimmie who began on Youtube but could have been noticed regardless without the internet.

My critical statements towards Glen Schoen are on purpose and of course the truth.You can pretend it isn’t true but in reality, EVERYONE knows.

The other very realistic fact is that website’s like are going to be the victim of their own demise.Once Glen Schoen no longer has the ability to broadcast he will sit in the nursing home pretending he is famous while others consider him the psychopath he is.Heavy medication, shitty adult diapers, and ridiculous bullshit will be all Glen Schoen has left.No more audience to pretend he matters.

Christina Grimmie was killed by a PSYCHOPATH with a gun. The same category of person Glen Schoen is. She will always be remembered for her gift and talent.

It’s pretty sad when a musician we lost is no longer here and STILL makes Glen Schoen look bad.She is one of MANY people with more talent and more to offer to the internet than wanna be pretender’s like Glen Schoen.