It Is YOUR Fault

I truly believe that everyone but myself is the most whiney, sensitive, thin-skinned, easily offended in existence. The truth is the younger the age the more offended by nothing people become. It’s like the younger generation and anyone who has the mentality of a child becomes super offended by the voice other people have.


Nobody cries over insignificant nonsense as loudly and consistently as the people who come to this webpage and read what I post.

If it was an Olympic sport to be offended, they would grab the gold, silver, and bronze every year.


People get offended faster and more efficiently than anyone. And it’s not just our speed that separates us from the rest — it’s our endurance. We have a limitless capacity for offendedness. Every week there are dozens of new national outrages and boycott campaigns and social media crusades to raise awareness about some offensive thing or to get someone fired for saying some offensive thing or to teach people that some previously non-offensive thing has now become offensive.


Do you remember what everyone has super worked up about four weeks ago? Yeah, me neither. That’s the point. We move on to the new outrage so quickly and the old ones are buried and forgotten.

It is YOUR FAULT you get offended all the time.

What is microaggression? It is, according to Wikipedia, a theory that ‘describes social exchanges in which a member of a dominant culture [or gender] says or does something that belittles and alienates a member of a marginalized group.’

So why bring up microaggression? Well it’s similar to becoming easily offended.

Isn’t that just a regular aggression? Don’t we already know that you shouldn’t insult and alienate people? Why do we need a new word for it?

Well, we need a new word because the old words describe things that are objectively and explicitly offensive. Microaggressions, on the other hand, are things that are only offensive because some member of an approved victim group declared it so.

How to Offend Just About Anyone on the Internet in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1. Start a blog.

Step 2. Write words

Step 3. Hit “publish.”