Sociopaths, Narcissists And Psychopaths

The difficulty is that each of these can overlap each other but there is not doubt that Glensroom is a narcissist and sociopath.He merely refers to others as “crazy” to project his mental illness on other people. All of the people who support his broadcast seem blind to the fact he is so manipulative and mean. He never has anyone disagree with him or call him out so he continues. As soon as one person disagrees or calls him out he quickly mutes, kicks, bans or tries to silence them.They are all a threat to his existence.They prove he is guilty and in the wrong and he cannot stand that.

I am a danger because I figured him out.He hates me because he has no power over me or control.He can’t control me so he tries to control how people see me.


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Call You Their Best Friend

Contact You Frequently

Always Want To See You Around

Shower You With Compliments

If Female Shower You With Affection

Refer To You As Their best friend Before You Even Have That Discussion

Mentions A Future With You In Some Way

Tells You They Are The Best Friend You Ever Had

Tells You A Sad Story So You Feel Bad For Them

Tells You That You Will Ditch Them So You Feel Guilty

Impossible For Them To Tell The Truth

Is A Cluster B Type Personality Disorder (Controlling Abusive, Manipulative)

NEVER Question Themselves Or Consider The Problem To Be Their’s

Always Blame Someone Else For Everything


Will Distract You With One Hand So You Can’t See What The Other Is Doing

If They Seem shiny sparkly pretty and perfect….you run. You fucking run fast.

NOBODY can hurt me without my permission

You will feel so special until you realize that they say the SAME thing to everyone


What a psychopath Does Is they weave a picture of a person that’s really a dream. It’s a spirit. It’s not real. You Feel like you’ve discovered a best friend. Once you made that bond and we call it the psychopathic bond you don’t want to break it because the psychopath will DESTROY YOU.

Psychopaths have no grasp on reality at all.Nobody wants anything to do with them.The reason they are online is because they cannot socialize with anyone in real life.Online they believe they can hide their psychological flaws.