Why YOU Glensroom Are Irrelevant

You see I remember.I remember when Blogtv.com began as Blogtv.ca.I was there as a viewer.I was one of the very first people to witness the beginning while most people had no fucking clue what blogtv.com even was.

It didn’t matter much. The people who had decided to fire up their webcam and do just about anything they could to entertain really had no clue what to do.It was too early to even know if Blogtv.com would even be successful.When it was Blogtv.ca back in the beginning there could have been maybe 6 broadcasters.It was dead and entirely lacking content.

In 2004 it still was lacking but with a little more people on webcam.Bush’s state of the union address 2004 was even hosted on Blogtv.People like Amandarama sort of took over back then and really brought entertainment and interaction to the experience.She did what she did and did it very well. CLICK HERE to look back at Amandarama.Look at the earlier video like THIS ONE that included LORAX who was also very popular and entertaining.Both LORAX and Amandarama had FAR MORE talent than Glensroom could ever achieve.To both LORAX and Amanda and OTHERS, Glensroom was a nobody and he always will be compared to the earlier broadcasters.No matter what Glensroom tells you he DID NOT even know what the fuck blogtv was back then.I was there.I remember.Yet not fucking one of you who visit this page have any respect for me and I don’t demand it.I could care less.

Years went past and then some washed up dumbass popped up sitting at a desk with his head down.All you could see was the top of his bald head.The people would just leave after insulting him.Then one day for whatever reason the same washed up trash seemed to have pissed off all of the wrong people because he started to get traffic and attention.That made his head swell and he started immediately bullshitting people about being famous.You see he fucked up back then because he told people he worked as a taxi driver and gave everyone his entire first and last name.When Glensroom started getting the attention he thought he could deny what he said yet everyone seemed to have a recording of him.No matter how many people proved him to be a liar he thought he could make them forget.

Another significant fact is the following “On March 4, 2009 BlogTV released the junior channel type. This is for users aged between 13 and 15 years of age. The junior members can only broadcast to other junior users (13- to 15-year-olds), junior members can only view junior member’s profiles, guests are not allowed to enter the chat room, and no co-hosting or inviting a co-host is allowed.”

So according to the above junior accounts began in 2009.The interesting thing is that Glensroom was co-hosting these junior account holders who would sneak over under adult accounts until the moderation team got reports the children were being co-hosted.You will see in the past that Kara Hannah always had an issue with Glensroom and a lot of it came from his lewd behavior towards children.Kara didn’t like Glen Schoen/Glensroom for a VERY good reason.Kara saw EVERYTHING and knew EVERYTHING.That included Glen’s obsession for stalking and harassing other people using blogtv.Don’t ever believe the “I am innocent” bullshit Glen Schoen repeats.He is a sexual predator just as all of you witnessed in one of many screen recordings of Glensroom acting lewdly with children he cohosted.He CLEARLY knew they were children.There was not one doubt.He knew.

In December 2008, BlogTV began its Video Ad Revenue Share Program.The reason I know that is because after it happened it was all Glen Schoen talked and bragged about.He would say he was the highest paid on Blogtv.In reality, it was all bullshit.Glen is a loser who dedicated his entire fail-life to pretending he is something great.He went too far with the entire thing.He has not changed in all of the years he has been pretending.He still pretends.The only difference is the fact he is more of a psychopath.

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In February 2009, BlogTV introduced a new type of account, Pro. This allows users to host private shows, generate new emoticons, more recording space: up to 30 minutes per recording (500 minutes total).The reason this is important is because Glen Schoen had a pro account when he first started on blogtv.This indicates Glen was NOT on blogtv in the beginning.That means he is FAR from important in the history of Blogtv.As I already stated many times Glen Schoen is a pretender.His fame is imaginary and in his head.

It will become 6 years since Blogtv closed permanently.In that time we witnessed someone purchase the blogtv name and make promises it would be opened as Blogtv.ca.We are yet to see that become a reality.Just like all of the other website’s, people will go running there desperate for the old website experience only to witness more let down.There will NEVER be a replacement.It is over and it will always be over.People shouldn’t want to become on the same level as delusional Glen Schoen pretending something amazing is going to happen.

“In August 2016, BlogTV.ca announced on Facebook that they would be hosting an Open House event taking place September 23, 2016 at 6:00 PM EST and September 24, 2016 at 12:00 PM EST. The Open House event allows users to sign up to the site and watch a test stream before BlogTV.ca goes into a closed beta for further testing.”

Above was a disaster of epic proportions because the server they had been using crashed several times.This is further proving the failure to expect when someone desperately clings to something that has already died.It’s over, all of it is.Other entities have made it a dinosaur.