You got that?

One of the things a bully needs is an audience. Honestly, bullies don’t just do this because it makes them feel warm and fuzzy. They do it because it establishes their place in the pecking order. And on, a pecking order is far more than 2 and important because the entire website is one huge click. People on ivlog either fit in or lack traffic.He needs everyone to know how fabulous he is and how terrible I am. He NEEDS other people to hear him say rotten things about me. I am removing his audience and changing the subject and I’m not getting upset, I’m just stating facts for people to read. And THAT makes Glen Schoen RAGE. That makes him angry. I know that. His rage means I win. So the more he continues to mention me in any way he can the more I win. If he stops talking about me. I still win. So the thing is no matter what he never wins. I am living my life unaffected while he obsesses over me. The fact things are written here is meaningless. I can devise paragraphs in moments. It’s entirely too easy. By the time he reads what I have written I have already expected his response and had more written. He can’t keep up with me and he never could.