Was It Ok For Glen Schoen To DOX Others?

I am asking a serious question.Was it ok for Glen Schoen to DOX other people online? For the people who are always desperately trying to defend Glen Schoen, you heard it directly from him that he got “Drunk monkeys” DOX from stalking “drunk monkey’s” underage niece on Facebook. Yes, that was all Glen Schoen. Nobody else made the poor choice to take things that far. Don’t believe for a second that “drunkmonkey” was the only victim of Glen Schoen.

You all try to ostracize me as if I am the only person who ever exposed Glen Schoen’s behavior and lack of proper ability to take what he dishes out. I have repeated for months and months the same thing only to have people display their lack of comprehension and lack of grade school level reading skills.I cannot make it clearer.If you don’t get it all by now there is no hope for any of you.