Is It Alright For Glen Schoen To Harass And Bully The Handicapped?

Is It Alright For Glen Schoen To Harass And Bully The Handicapped?

This is another serious question. Why does the handful of people who watch this narcissist praise himself accept his negative behavior and ignorance? Even if you dislike someone the last thing you do is take things that far. It doesn’t matter if they are or not. The fact   Glen Schoen thinks he has an audience doesn’t give him the right to attack other people. I see no perfection in Glen Schoen. He is flawed in so many ways not even a woman is interested in him enough to spend any effort to be around him. That speaks volumes. Women don’t accept anyone with that many flaws and that shitty personality disorder he suffers from. He lies right to the faces of the people who waste their time watching him. Most of them are too stupid to comprehend he just insulted them because they are unable to see past their snobby nose.