2016 A Year In Review

So the entire year of 2016 consisted of some narcissistic asshole from Bronx NYC running his mouth about me because I wouldn’t follow his every command.He made up lies and gas lighted people.He manipulated people and pretended he was innocent.It always works the same with him.

He meets someone new.He tells delusional stories to make them believe he is famous.He listens to what they say and he will not disagree but not agree either.It’s because he is manipulating them.They think he is an innocent guy and they take his side because he won’t stop playing the victim card.They start doing things for him so he will praise them.He acts like they are important and they believe they will get something out of it.He mentions them hundreds of times during his delusional broadcast.He puts in a ton of work to make everyone believe he is a good person and better than everyone else.He creates little “game shows” to prove that others are stupid and below him.He insults people he has fucked over and turned on thinking it makes him look better.All the mindless do whatever they can to impress him.They repeat everything he says and keep the drama going because he demands it.Some of them are trash and come at someone they don’t even know like me.When I return fire they are the victim.Why? They are a replica of him.

The entire thing happens from beginning to end thousands of times a year and all of them cannot see through the cloud of bullshit Glen spews.The list of people who Glen has fucked over and turned on has replicated and grown to an enormous amount.Nothing can be done until EVERYONE realizes this turn of replicated events and puts a stop to it.A stop does not mean more viewers.It means people finally turn their back and walk away.Right now all that is left are the people who act exactly like Glen.They are all frightened cowards just like he is.Alone Glen is nothing and the people still watching him and supporting his bullshit are too slow minded to understand that.If only you all would stop fighting Glen’s battles with people like me.If only you people would stop believing the lies about people like me.He is a liar.None of what he says is true and it never will be the truth.Until you all call him out on his bullshit and see what people like me see it will never end.

2017 will be the year Glen loses more of his following.It’s the year he will plummet into a big hole in the earth and mix with the sewage he deserves to drink.

In 2017 more people will read these pages but this will become a place where people can find proof of what he is and who he is.Of what he is about and how to do the best thing they can about his behavior.All they all have to do is WALK AWAY and let him die an online death.Make it known he is nothing and a nobody.He is just a washed up delusional asshole.He is a has been.He has nothing left to do but sit in misery about how he never accomplished anything.He will never be famous and he will die alone with nobody.His mother will die and he won’t have anyone left to care about him.His mental illness had to have become evident from the lack of a father figure.He has always been treated like glass that will shatter by his mom.He became a pansy.A little wuss boy.He always got his own way.You can tell by his behavior and the way he projects himself on others.

In 2016 a few people (3 or 4) made the issues Glen Schoen has with me their business for attention.They think that somehow they are not responsible for their actions.In 2017 all of them will pay for everything they typed, everything they said, everything they believe they are not to be held responsible for.It might be a good time for them all to change their usernames and hide.When I am through they will think twice before doing it again.

Remember how easy they all thought they could play the victim when it was none of their business.You can see yourselves I never mentioned any of them yet they made so much effort to make it all about them.

I am entirely disappointed by one of them.I am so disappointed that they will NEVER be forgiven.They should be ashamed of themselves.They are a parent.They have children. There has got to be a psychological reason why they made such a terrible choice and though I could really care less because we were never really friends. They will get what they deserve.

In 2016 I held back from a lot of things I could have easily accomplished. I have the equivalent of HUNDREDS of people behind me who were just as victimized by not only Glen Schoen but his psychopathic followers.