It Holds More Damage

When someone jumps in front of a webcam on a website that allows them to broadcast the viewers seem to believe after the live broadcast is over it all goes away.The words a person speaks are now gone.There is no record of what was said or done.

When someone writes like I am the people who feel as I stated above seem to feel differently about it.They somehow feel that the words I say and actions I take are now permanent and hold more damage.In some aspects they do but I am here to tell you there is absolutely no difference between the two.What I do when I write is sort of like a Youtube video (it also can be live or broadcasted by the way but the video feed is archived).Sure people can come back and read this and that is damaging but it only holds more damage if I know what I am doing.You see I know what I am doing well.I can market this all properly unlike the person in front of a web camera.The reason I succeed more is that I am reaching MORE than the very same people when I write something.I am reaching potential viewers of the childish adult behind a webcam who simply do not give him a chance. They read what I wrote and they tell themselves he is not what they want to support.The only people left are the people without a mind of their own.Those are what he has when he uses his little low definition webcam and shitty built in laptop microphone.

So am I agreeing that writing about something does more damage? Am I saying that being on a web cam broadcasting goes away? I am saying that I do not believe one holds more damage than the other.Both does damage although I know how to accomplish more damage without writing it all down.I can withhold facts and actions while still knocking someone down.So can the man behind the webcam and that is exactly why none of you understand completely when you come here to read things.It should be kept in mind. 

When you broadcast it does not go away forever.You have to be held responsible for what you said and did just like anyone else.Some people won’t shut up until I make them look bad and they have no way to recover.Then they refrain from speaking about me because it made them helpless.The only people that mention me now are the people begging for attention.They want badly to be accepted and it is so bad they write piss poor shit in anger.They think it makes them relevant but it’s old news.It’s over and dwelling on it makes the person mentioning me look bad.

Let me make you understand better.

If I am a police officer and you are just a normal citizen and you challenge me.I am better at knowing the law and how to manipulate it.Now you challenged someone who will win.You are now in trouble.

If I am a NASCAR mechanic and you are someone who owns a car that does not know anything about motors.You challenge me to build a better motor or faster car than you.You challenged someone who will beat you.They know more than you.You are in trouble.

If I write all the time and have taken writing courses and I am someone who can market what they wrote so more of an audience finds it.You write something yet lack any ability to properly market it.You cannot spell.You have no clue what the words mean you wrote.You pretty much made up every single statement you made.They were all allegations and nothing was proven correct.I will beat you.You are in serious trouble.

If you cannot market something then I know anything you write will not be read by anyone but the few people who you call friends.What I write,man the entire internet could read it.It’s interesting and you make a trail of enemies who would like nothing more than to see you catch fire and die.