Classic Signs of a Narcissist

Classic Signs of a Narcissist

In “Dangerous Personalities,” author and FBI profiler Joe Navarro lists five common narcissism traits. They include:


Looking good in every sense is vital to someone with narcissistic personality disorder. Other egocentric signs of narcissism include:

  • A childlike need to be the center of attention
  • Arriving late to meetings and parties
  • Name dropping
  • Presenting themselves as highly accomplished, even if they haven’t accomplished much, sustaining an image of perfection
  • Placing blame on others when there’s a setback
  • Holding grudges

Overvalues Self, Devalues Others

Because narcissists view themselves as special and unique, narcissistic personalities tend to see everyone else as either marginal or inferior. Narcissists are classical bullies. And get this, as the number of narcissists is on the rise in the general population, bullying is on the rise, too.

Sometimes the digs are subtle. At a cookout, a narcissist might say things like, “No steaks; only hamburgers?” loudly enough for all your guests to hear. That person doesn’t care how you feel; narcissists thrive by belittling others. Other signs include:

  • Putting other people down to elevate themselves (aka, bullying)
  • Belittling spouses or children in front of people
  • Frequently berating waiters, waitresses, serving staff publicly

Instead of Empathy, You’ll Find Arrogance and Entitlement

While most of us learn as children how to understand others’ feelings and how our actions impact people, narcissists tend to have little ability to sympathize or understand the feelings of others. The more you talk to someone with narcissistic personality disorder, the more you get the impression that person doesn’t care much about you. Other signs of narcissism include:

  • Lacking empathy
  • Viewing needs, sickness or mistakes in others as weakness

Takes Shortcuts, Bends the Rules and Violates Boundaries

People with narcissistic personality disorder often feel they don’t have to work as hard as others or that they don’t have to play by the rules. Other signs of a narcissist include:

  • Lying about past accomplishments or credentials (or embellishing them) (Glen Schoen “I was on Howard Stern 200 times when it was only 3 times”)
  • Having affairs without remorse
  • Pushing the envelope with people, laws, rules and social norms
  • Often don’t apologize (or have trouble apologizing sincerely) when they’re caught breaking the rules or hurting others (Glen Schoen NEVER apologizes to anyone)

Needs Control

A narcissist often lands in a profession like law, medicine, politics or a high-level executive position, Navarro points out. Other narcissistic signs include:

  • Often seeking jobs that bring power and authority
  • Seeking positions where they can control others

Natural Treatments for Narcissistic Personality Disorder

While there are no drugs approved specifically to treat narcissistic personality disorder, some conventional treatment involves using drugs to treat any coexisting conditions that may exist, like depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder.


Talk therapy is the treatment of choice for people dealing with narcissistic personality disorder. It’s difficult to change traits associated with narcissistic personality disorder, so often years of treatment are required.