Internet Celebrity?

He isn’t “famous” and he sure as fuck isn’t an “internet celebrity”. He sits in a shitty apartment in a slum ridden area of the Bronx that is meaningless and holds limited to no value in the minds of anyone else.In his mind is dysfunction and NPD (Narcissistic personality disorder).It has no cure and absolutely no psychological resolution or medication to resolve it.Let’s look at this closely in a realistic way.The true meaning of the title “internet celebrity” that this narcissist seeks so obsessively.

An Internet celebrity is an unemployed person worshiped by 12-year-old kids who is widely known among the members of an e-subculture or clique. The term itself is a misnomer because people who use the internet are not popular IRL. Most Internet celebrities have more friends on their LiveJournal friend list than anyone else, and it is to these vaunted heights of e-fame that all self-respecting attention or comment whores aspire.

Internet celebrities think that they are funny, witty and e-popular, but in truth, most people just want to sleep with them, which is especially the case with e-celebrity Chris-chan. Some Internet celebrities mistake themselves for actual celebrities, but it is important to remember that even such individuals as Cory Doctorow are only known within a very small circle of Internets-savvy people. Get over yourselves. Kibo was one of the first Internet celebrities.

Andy Milonakis started out like that, but once everyone found out he was some freak adult they realized his show was based on faggotry.

So pretty much, internet celebrities are basement dwelling losers who, IRL, never have and never will do anything real with their lives.

So if this is what it means to be an “internet celebrity” then motherfucker even without the title you ARE a basement dwelling loser.


If you are too retarded to become famous in real life, your only alternative is to be an attention whore engaging in shameless self-promotion until you achieve the fine heights of e-fame, a celebrity in the electronic alternative reality that is teh internets.

Marks of e-fame include having more people on your Facebook than anyone else.Even a nobody can achieve that anymore. TBH you are not special.

If none of the above work, then obviously the only things you are good for are spreading the diseases of both AIDS and epic phail.

How to Maintain E-Fame: Doing it Wrong

Declare war on counterblast or any of the other hundreds of thousands of “blogs” and website’s all over the internet.

  • File a lawlsuit against all the haters.
  • Leave the internet forever . . . again and again and again and again.
  • Make half a dozen different accounts. Note: these aren’t sockpuppets. Sockpuppets are made so no one knows who you are. These accounts are made to escape the haters but they cannot resist the e-fame for long).
  • Run your mouth about someone (me) on ivlog,vaughnlive,blogtv etc and then get entirely destroyed so badly you resort to making others who wear brown paper products over their faces write responses to it.(then quickly run like a bitch and cry forever because someone responded to the way you attacked them)