“What better way to destroy someone who has annoyed the Narcissist than for the Narcissist to claim they are a victim and then ask all of us to help them to destroy this ‘evil’ person who is a non-person now that they’ve been identified as that super villain. Why question the victim and their claims. Let’s just all fight the monster together. Because that monster represents all the monsters in our lives who’ve made us feel powerless, who’ve turned our goodness into badness, who’ve frustrated us, made us homicidal when all we wanted to be was compassionate, who’ve taken advantage of our giving nature and used our empathy and sympathy against us.”

And above is exactly how Glen Randy Schoen aka Glensroom acts.He has incorporated all of YOU in a war with not just one but MANY innocent people.Those people have figured Glen Schoen out and they know he is a narcissist.The only reason Glen Schoen refers to me as crazy is because he has nothing more he can do to me and I am exposing the truth.All of you will find that I am honest.I am well liked.I have a huge heart.I am very kind.I have been pushed into an aggressive mode and am always defending myself.I am very strong.I take no shit from anyone.If you engage in “online war” with me you will lose.

“For those of you who don’t think that Narcissists ever ‘Play the Victim’… I guess you’ve never met one who does… but when they do, they do it better than real victims, because they play to an audience, and every word and action they use is designed to elicit the sympathy and loyalty of the audience. The audience has been enlisted as heroes to save the Narcissist in distress. Your reward for rallying to their support and rescuing them?… usually, you get to victimize their ‘evil villain’ of the moment and you get to help them destroy that person who has for ‘plausible’ reasons been dehumanized. In other words, this person has said ‘No’ to the Narcissist and no one says ‘No’ to a Narcissist, so they need to be destroyed and wiped off the face of the internet and the Earth.”

And above is true of Glen Randy Schoen as well.He is a professional at playing the victim.The problem with that is that everything that people do to him is the response to what he has done to them.If he would stop acting out against others he would not have anything happen in return.He will ALWAYS turn on people because he is a narcissist.People will have a limit or a line they refuse to cross and he will expect them to cross that line resulting in them telling him no.

In my own words.Glen Randy Schoen will say things like “we will get to the reason I dislike “insert person’s name here” and do nothing but ramble about everything and anything other than an actual reason.He never gets to the point because tbh there is no honest reason for his dislike of them other than not doing as he says or telling him no.If you people who watch him and so quickly jump to defending him actually pay attention to him you will find he does the very same thing when referring to ANY subject.Why? He is making everything he says up.It is all an act and all of you are his puppets.




Glen finally posting on his twitter the truth about brittster


“Narcissists like to play their favorite role in their favorite story – The Hero versus The Villain”

You all will find that “the hero versus the villain” has been brought up in subtle ways by Glen Schoen when referring to people he “hates”. You see Glen Schoen enjoys fighting with people online. He loves the conflict. He loves the drama.Why? It takes him off center stage and helps him hide his narcissism from others. He doesn’t want to be exposed for what he is. He can’t manipulate other people if the news gets out. Nobody will pay attention to him anymore. He only cares about having hundreds of friends to manipulate. It makes him feel famous. In his mind friends are an object. More friends will mean he is more powerful than others. All of you pay no attention to everything written here because if you did pay attention you would bail on Glensroom and stop supporting him. You see narcissism is not a good thing. It isn’t a positive personality trait. It isn’t what anyone needs in a friendship. They are not your friend. You are an OBJECT, not a person. Certain people think they can control Glen Schoen or use him to gain popularity. Why? They think he is getting viewers because people like him. They think he is popular when he gets traffic. Glen is so desperate to be popular he will do anything in his power to appear that way to other people. Kissing up to the website owners. Saying their website is the best. Opening tabs so it looks like they have more viewers. Having his broadcast opened on two computers at one time. Encouraging his viewers to tab his broadcast. He will go to any length. All of you fall for his tricks. He has you exactly where he wants you and all of you look stupid to people like me. I know his tricks. I know what makes him tick. I know what I am talking about. You all want to see examples of stupid people? Give me a few moments to compile Glensroom cohosts from because all of them are too stupid to understand he is manipulating them all. They cam up thinking people will look at them as popular.The smart people stay off camera and stay out of his broadcast.

I can expect some backlash for posting these screen captures that had been submitted to me but you know what? I really don’t give a fuck. If any of them have an issue with this post they should stop putting themselves in that place. All of you should be embarrassed for supporting such a sick individual. You are all setting an example for other people. All of you by being there support someone who bashes other people for being on welfare when they cannot help it. Some of them have children who need medical care and food. Those children have fathers who lost their jobs because of the economy. You support Glen and you are supporting someone who bashes the handicapped when he is handicapped (he is deaf). You are supporting someone who posts other people’s personal information all over the internet. Harasses people and trolls people for entertainment. Asks children on younow sexually explicit questions. That is who you all support. All of you look just as bad as him for supporting him. Many of you have children of your own. What if Glen did something to you? What if he hurt your children? How can any of you look at yourselves in the mirror?