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Still entirely irrelevant.Just give up you fucking failure.You even sound deaf,retard,but you have everything to say about other people.News flash:If you are deaf in both ears YOU ARE FUCKING HANDICAPPED.

You see,I know who is reading what I post.I know them so well that you could very well say I know what I am doing.They reply to everything posted yet act like they ignore everything I say.They make me out to be “crazy” because what I am doing here is working well.If they only knew.I have been all over a certain individual’s shit without him even realizing it.You are in trouble, as I said before “you picked the wrong victim” when you thought you could get anywhere with me.Just pay attention below because you see there is a hidden meaning behind all that will be posted below.I am so far ahead of him that by the time he reads this and it gets back to him….it would have already happened.

April 7, 2016

The 55-year-old crack addict counted his change outside a Harlem liquor store. He had just over a dollar, leaving him 35 cents short of the cheapest mini-bottle.

The 21-year-old heroin addict sat in a McDonald’s on the Lower East Side, wondering when his grandmother would next wire him money. He was homeless, had 84 cents in his pocket and was living out of two canvas bags.

Each was approached by someone who asked the addict for help buying drugs. Using the stranger’s money, each addict went to see a nearby dealer, returned with drugs, handed them over and was promptly arrested on felony drug-dealing charges. The people who had asked for drugs were undercover narcotics officers with the New York Police Department.

A review of the trials in those cases and two others illuminates what appears to be a tactic for small-scale drug prosecutions: An undercover officer, supplying the cash for the deal, asks an addict to go and buy $20 or $40 worth of crack,marijuana or heroin. When the addict — perhaps hoping for a chance to smoke or inject a pinch — does so, he is arrested.

It is impossible to determine how widespread this law enforcement tactic is, but the four recent cases reviewed by The New York Times raise troubling questions about the fairness and effectiveness of the way the Police Department uses undercover officers. Officers neither arrested nor pursued the dealers who sold the drugs to the addicts. Instead, the undercover officers waited around the corner or down the block for the addict to return with the drugs before other officers swooped in.


Last year, nearly 5,000 people were charged in New York City with dealing small quantities of marijuana,heroin or cocaine, and in 2014, just over 6,000 people faced such charges.

You see you really should read this entire post.If I were to know somebody that sold it to someone….think about it.You know what is coming right…..I just think it’s time someone gets what they deserve.

“He pointed out a man in the corner and told me to talk to him.

The man in question had neatly trimmed hair and stylish dark clothing. He was flanked on either side by two large, muscular men. As I walked towards him, he watched me sharply, as his two attendants pivoted to block my approach.

The man then asked if I wouldn’t mind letting his friend hold my phone and suggested we talk on the balcony.

Once outside, he introduced himself. He shared a few thoughts about America’s high incarceration rates, showing an intellect I hadn’t expected from his tough appearance. “A lot of my friends—close childhood friends—are serving time for buying weed,” explained. Eventually, he told me two things about himself. The first was that he was one of the largest distributors of marijuana in the Bronx.”


In SECONDS I can find someone who lives in a location and then other people in that location and through word of mouth find a seller.Then after that, it trickles down.There always has to be a few more levels of people so someone doesn’t get caught.You see, it’s easy to find out enough and to not only find out who is the top of the pile dealing whatever it is but also allow them to identify the buyer in the party hat.All I have to do is help them and since they appreciate my effort they return my favor.When I am done with a certain individual he won’t be able to walk outside without becoming a target.He can’t drive a cab,DJ a wedding or have a productive life because someone took something he depends on to function.People who depend on a substance are WEAK and the WEAK fall so easily.It’s just too fucking easy……his only way out is to decline in health.You are done,hear me?