On And On And On And On…..


It’s all been too easy to let this idiot hang himself.It’s always his big fat mouth that gets him in trouble. It always has been. Not one person he chose to attack and turn on deserved it. It was all a ploy to get attention. All an act he thinks will bring him above others while it brings him down. Even the people who “pretend” to be his friend expose the exact same things I do. Someone said one time “that is so childish Glen” and what have I been telling everyone? The mind of a 6-year-old child. I let him go on and on and on in paranoia about me watching him and recording him all the while, the screen shot below displays the truth. He lied about the whole PayPal thing,I let him go while holding onto a screen shot of the email from Paypal proving him a liar. He said I hacked his accounts, all along I had screen shots of people admitting they had all his passwords and recorded every remote access session to protect myself from expected allegations the day he decided to turn on me. He thought it was easy because I never exposed who I am associated with. He never realized not one of my friends even liked him or knew who the hell he is. It’s impossible you see, how can you turn people against me if you don’t know anyone who knows me? Keep being my bitch fuckface. You have seen nothing yet. Just wait for it, I won’t have to do anything you will do it using your own mouth and behavior. Right now he should feel like I am holding a magnifying glass over him in the sun and he is getting burned. 🙂 I am going to teach you all about “goofing” on someone 🙂 


This is just to prove beyond a doubt that I am entirely unable to view his shitty garbage. I did this to show all of you I am not even paying attention. As I said before, someone in his broadcast sends me things. I have better things to do than dirty my own hands. He will never learn. You cannot win so your best bet is run and hide……BITCH