Glensroom Captured Inappropriate With Underage Girls Back On Blogtv

I am in possession of HUNDREDS of captures of Glensroom being reported for his inappropriate behavior towards PROVEN under age female’s back on He is repulsive in his decision to speak to children the way he is in the capture below. I remind you all this is one of MANY captures I have been given. All of them prove without a doubt that Glen Randy Schoen was guilty of acting sexually suggestive towards females between 12 and 16 years of age. This is a 50 some year old man acting this way. Remind yourself of that as you watch the clip below.

If he knew how to drop things and move on things would not have to be exposed. He is the real goof you see. He is the real “crazy”, the real criminal, the real “fraud” and he will always be put back in his place. All of the people who support him in any way shape or form are supporting a mentally sick narcissist. Glen Randy Schoen thinks he is somehow winning some kind of war when just look at how easy it is to show everyone the real him. Remember Glen Schoen YOU said and did it PUBLICLY for everyone to see. I just was given the recording of you to once again display publicly. This is no form of abuse. You did it.

Just look at what people had to say after viewing Glen randy Schoen’s behavior below:


Never think for one second that nobody is on my side. Glen, you are outnumbered. It’s time for you to stop thinking that more people like you than dislike you. I have to say that there are twice as many people who dislike you. Snap out of it moron.



Truth. I agree they look young 2851. As far as the clown reference,clowns spend a lot of time around children… does Glen



Welcome to reality 0085, Glen has been and always will be a sick mentally ill narcissist who clearly is in the wrong. He has no excuse, no way out of it. He simply is what he is. Avoid him, do not support him, he will retire from pretending he is on TV and on a pedestal. He isn’t above anyone. Truthfully he is below the bottom. Complete garbage.



Entirely agree 2733. We need more people who actually want to protect the internet from sexual predators like Glen Randy Schoen AKA Glensroom. Remember he also spread’s everyone’s information all over the internet and harasses them. He also makes fraudulent claims. He is always waiting to pounce on people. Everyone who wastes their time on Glen Schoen has been “investigated” by him. Full background checks. he knows everything about his viewers and he blackmails them with their personal information.



I agree 3848, he is very very sick. I am not even sure enough people know how sick, unfortunately. He hides the real him from everyone. It only comes out when people make him angry enough and he forgets he is live and people can hear his reaction.



“monkeysniffer” right is right and wrong is wrong. Glen is in the wrong. He always has been. Why people are just getting this information is beyond me. It should be common knowledge. I want to thank you for passing my page and information on. People need to know to protect other people. All I post is the truth on this page. There is not one manufactured lie of any type on this page. It’s all documented. I am never going to stop. he will pay for all the shit he has done to me and others. His bullshit is finished. Everyone will see what I post and come to realize the type of sick individual they are supporting. He will see a future of sitting by himself all alone while nobody pays any attention to him. One time on vaughnlive he used a different username “hand” and got not one viewer the entire time. That is your future Glensroom/Glen Randy Schoen.



I encourage people to submit information as “scuttlebuttscorner” states on their page in the screenshot above. No offense or anything “monkeysniffer” but I will continue to use this page to display my response to his verbal attack and harassment. I am sure more will be shared from my page as people find it in search engines.