Efforts Are Futile….

All of you think so backward and slow. Back at the start of the internet, there was a magical amazement about being in a chatroom and typing to someone from another country. The magic went away years and years ago yet a few people still believe that the things they type in a chatroom or say over Skype inside a broadcast can’t be ignored or muted. They go from chatroom to chatroom repeating the same behavior,typing the same phrases and putting everyone else on blast. The reason they put everyone else on blast is because they honestly believe it’s a form of damage towards whoever the victim is. 

If you go to a public mall and stand in an area with the most people and start talking about someone else people will just go on about their way. Nobody will pay any attention unless maybe they went to the mall with you and know who you are talking about. Most of the time even if they know who you are talking about they will ignore it or just agree with you or tell you what you wanted to hear so you drop the subject.

In the mind of someone on vaughnlive or any other website, the damaging factor is that a few people might hear or see what is being said and attack the same person because now they have become an easy target. People have no life and nothing better to worry about but who is the easy victim. It’s actually quite sadistic to witness yet we witness it all the time. For people like myself, it was already well known that people behave that way. I found it quite obvious that the people who engage in behavior like that and are unable to drop it are mentally unstable. 

So it isn’t that they are angry at me. It isn’t that I ever did anything to encourage them. They just cannot get past the fact I got the best of them. They just beg and beg for whoever is being spoken about to be there and pay attention and it never works. I might hear and see what was said but I was not there. Maybe there was more to it? Maybe it wasn’t even about me? I doubt any misconception. All of them work on assumptions. The bad thing about the smear campaign is that it holds no value.

So go head, type a book to me, add hundreds of comments, threaten my life, harass me, bash me or whatever you do. Honestly, you are better off talking to a wall. I ignore comments on everything. I never read them. I don’t care. I never asked for an opinion. The real people will tell me in person. If you made the bad choice to comment and say something you shouldn’t have you are already blocked,banned or ignored. After that you lost your voice entirely even though you never would have been heard in the first place.

Chatrooms And Live Streams

People don’t really go on chat rooms these days. The only time you really see them are on the side of live streams, both legal and illegal. The legal ones are on things like gaming site Twitch.

The reason no one gives a shit about chat rooms anymore is that they’ve been around so long that people have become accustomed to their wiles. No one’s impressed by them, and with one click you can hide the whole thing. This means that, luckily, you don’t have to engage these types, so just zoom into the video area until the stream dies.


If you’re a white person and you’ve never been called the N-word in your life and you want to see how it feels, head on over to Xbox Live. Historically, giving a voice to the voiceless has been considered a good thing, but in the case of Xbox Live, giving a voice to children with Xbox Live was a terrible, terrible idea.

Let’s face it, arguing with children is the hardest thing to do because they just don’t give a fuck. They don’t give a fuck about you, how you feel, what your opinions are, how you formed them, or what degree from what shit University you went to. All they care about is calling you a “fag.” If Xbox Live children were around during the war they would have been fast tracked to the SS. There is no arguing with these kids, so your best bet is to troll them in whatever game they’re playing, do stuff they don’t like and make them rage out and cry.


This is where it can get a little weird. Now it’s not random people with obscure handles you’re calling names, it’s your aunt’s friends, your girlfriend’s dad, your best friends girlfriend. Sometimes the link is tenuous enough that you needn’t worry about the repercussions of slating someone with your full government name showing, but be careful: you never know when they might wander into your local bar. Anyone who’s spent any time on WorldStarHipHop will know that Facebook comments can be serious business. Hair dragged around, sucker punches thrown—Facebook is just real enough for your actual life to be implicated in it. If you see someone post a photo of St. Paul’s Cathedral with the caption “The Muslims want to turn this into a mega-mosque” in red writing, don’t bother trying to set them straight: they were born and will die idiots. It’s better for everyone to just un-friend until they are left loudly broadcasting their own mental failings to an audience of three people who are also massive racist cunts.


Article comment threads are kings of frustration, the biggest feud corner in existence.  Not only is this type of beef the most frustrating, it’s also the most boring. It’s the online fight equivalent of being stuck in a bar arguing about which is better than something else. We all know commenters are the worst people alive, a tiny, annoying voice that demands to be heard. Clock up enough posts and the delusion of grandeur sweeps over them like they’re the head of OFCOM. Yes, I’m talking about you, reader! Tell me why you’re mad below and I will completely ignore you.


Here it is. The life ruiner. Twitter is some dangerous shit. This is the place where it can all end for you. You’d better hope all your jokes and shit are clean from any vaguely problematic content or you could be hauled out in front of the million man jury and condemned to death by deactivation. It may not have the same real-life implications as say, having your router smashed by  an irate uncle on FB, but it can be just as personally devastating.

Imagine: 10,000 people with Pokémon profile pictures calling you a cunt and wishing you dead. You can’t even begin to understand the negative energy. If you get into a small, individual one-on-one beef then you have a chance of getting out alive, maybe even winning. But if you start beefing the wrong person, then you’d better prepare for them  to find out your real name, home address, every time you’ve said something untoward since you were 15 and use it to get you arrested. Twitter users are the gigabyte Gestapo, the not-so-secret police that will hound you for your comment crimes if you’re unlucky enough to be stupid and crass. Avoid Twitter beef.