Where did the Opie and Anthony/Stern feud begin?

Howard would occasionally rag on O&A for being imitators but the real hatred began with a free Stone Temple Pilot concert that was being promoted as a big KROQ exclusive in which Stern was going to announce the concert details on his program. The announcement was scooped by O&A after Opie had learned of the concert because he sat next to a member of the band on a flight to NYC. Howard was furious.

Another incident involved Howard’s daughter. O&A revealed on the air that Howard and his ex-wife were called to an emergency room because his daughter had suffered from alcohol poisoning. They then goofed on Howard for being a poor father.

And finally they goofed on Howard’s daughter’s performance in some community play that someone had recorded.

Howard made his living bashing any competition to get to the top, but when someone else challenges him he runs behind the scenes to management.

According to wikipedia @ CLICK HERE

“The feud between Stern and O and A started when O and A first debuted in NYC on WNEW, a famous “classic rock” radio station that revamped its format and tried becoming the new version of WNBC– in other words, an all talk, all comedy radio network. Included in the roster were people like Don and Mike, Ron and Fez, and the Radio Chick. And yes, it was run by the people who owned 92.3 K-rock.”

“When the “new” WNEW format was unveiled, Howard Stern accused O and A of ripping him off. (Which they were, incidentally.) O and A then fought back, taking potshots at him. Then at some point, they started making veiled references to Stern “allegedly” engineering an injunction against them, in which they were forbidden by management to mention him at all on the air. However, they got around that by merely referencing him as “The Paranoid King” and doing imitations of him accusing everyone around him of stealing his material, even doing that laugh Stern used to do a lot more in the ’90s but doesn’t do much anymore.”

Before taking O and A’s side, just know that they also instigated a huge feud with other DJs on the station, most famously, Don and Mike. Here’s a clip where you can hear O and A trash-talking Don and Mike and then hanging up on Don when he called in to defend himself. The reason why they hung up on him was that he was armed with stats showing how poorly they were doing in certain markets like Washington, DC. Guess they couldn’t handle a formidable opponent. They also admit “openly hating” The Radio Chick in that clip, so make no mistake, these were guys who seemed to be about making enemies on WNEW.