Childish Plotting On People?

This was sent to me recently and is a clear display of the type of childish behavior this person constantly displays. This is a grown 60+ year old with the mentality of a 6-year-old child. “Unclelester” did nothing to deserve any of this childish bullshit yet he plots to make a display of “Unclelester”. 

I want to take the time to say that “Unclelester” has not exactly been very kind towards me in the past. I think that can change 🙂 especially since I know “unclelester” does not wish to have his picture online. “Unclelester” has indicated it could affect his job negatively. So “unclelester” you should really take this as a kind gesture. You see I could post one of many photos of you here but I won’t. See this as the only time you will ever be mentioned “unclelester” so enjoy it while you can. If I were you I would probably be very embarrassed to be associated with this party hat dickhead. 

Learn to shut your fat mouth, Glen Randy Schoen. I shouldn’t have to remind you how your mouth gets you into trouble.