I am being constantly accused of “failing at trolling” when it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to be guilty of even being there. Let me show you something that will blow your tiny minds.You see that below? How the fuck can I be doing anything to anyone? I really do have better things to do with my time.  Nobody on vaughnlive is worth paying any attention to.  


Look, it’s been over 9 months, it’s been almost over a year. I made this page private for updates and these people can’t shut the fuck up. They make everything here about them. They have nothing better to do with their time. They take everything entirely too far. It’s speaking volumes. Everything becomes a reflection of these people in the mirror. In my mind, it just means they are doing damage control.


This has become redundant recently because these people are so easily damaged by all of the other people who know they dislike me who troll them about not liking me they can’t handle it. So what do they do? They make everyone trolling them out to be me. So then they go on and on about me “failing at trolling them” when I am offline and ignore them. I have already shown the internet my traffic PER DAY in a post. If that is all it takes to destroy all of you I suggest you choose another target. Things are about to become pretty messy soon.


He is a high school drop out (lazy and very stupid) he states he took the GED test and passed. I find this far from the truth. So tell me how if this is a lie how all the other things he says aren’t. Once a liar ALWAYS a liar. You are beyond imbecile.