You? Manipulate Me?


You will not and can not manipulate me. I am not the person who involves other people in my problems with someone else. I am not the coward who hides behind other people because I am unable to defend myself. I am not the one who stalks and harasses other people. I am not the one who records and performs “investigations”. I am not the one who says and does the things Glen Randy Schoen does. I am also not the person who claims fraudulent activity when it doesn’t exist. I think Glen Randy Schoen needs to look up the definition of fraud and look at his reflection.

The people who avoid becoming involved in Glen Randy Schoen’s issues with other people are the smart people. If all of you visit this page you will find that nobody is included here unless they involved themselves. If they are here it isn’t my fault they lack the ability to stay out of my business. They are responsible for what they type or say or do. They are so ready to fight with me when I have done nothing to them. Then when I expose their behavior I am made out to be the bad guy. If you aren’t ready to be responsible for what you type don’t type it. Don’t say it. Keep your mouth closed and fingers off the keyboard. Stop being Glen Randy Schoen’s puppets. All of you “puppets” are going to make things worse for Glen Randy Schoen, not me.