Conclusion After Conclusion…


Glen Randy Schoen just jumps to conclusions and will continually threaten me.

Glen Schoen acts like it’s illegal for him not to know everyone’s information.

Glen Randy Schoen cannot stand someone being smarter than him so he targets people who he see’s as more intelligent because he is a narcissist. A narcissist will believe they are above others and they will plot things against innocent people just because they cannot stand feeling little. In my time of helping him and doing things for him, it made him feel stupid and many times he would repeat that phrase “you make me feel so stupid”. In reality, there is absolutely nothing he can do to rise above me. Glen fails to understand that.

While you go on and on about nothing Glen,I have moved away. You can tell Glen is lying when he shows that smirk on his face. All narcissists display a facial expression when manipulating people.

When you pay rent you can do something called “move” or another word would be “relocate”.

You can do something else called “change your phone number”.

Glen had no reason to turn on me and no reason to require my “information”. So he  tries to make himself look good when it’s completely impossible.

Glen Schoen had no reason to do things to drunk_monkey. Drunk_monkey has a record of every single threat Glen made. Drunk_monkey received hundreds of death threats from Glen Schoen. Glen Schoen disrupted drunk_monkeys entire livelihood. Drunk_monkey has police reports of everything Glen Schoen did to him.

You have no clue what you are doing Glen, do you? You left a few things out (as usual) like how you contacted drunk_monkey’s underage niece to reveal his identity. Tell everyone how PayPal REJECTED YOUR CLAIM that you FALSELY were the victim of fraud. Absolutely no fraud was indicated by PayPal. You have NOTHING but allegations. You are going to do NOTHING. There is no protection; dealing with Paypal is something that you do at your own risk. PayPal stated the following in regard to Glen Randy Schoen’s false report We are contacting you to let you know that we will not be continuing this
investigation because this complaint was filed 45 or more days after the
original transaction date.
That is correct it states WE WILL NOT be continuing meaning it’s been dropped because it was NOT any form of fraud. This false claim he create also CONFIRMS his identity and CONFIRMS he owns a business named A Great Disc Jockey. Glen Randy Schoen uses PayPal to accept payments from his business clients. That is why Glen believes he can scam me with falsified fraud claims. The same claims I retain on record and will hold against him. He has no “case”.  Glen Randy Schoen’s email address is Should he claim any of what I am saying is incorrect he will confirm his email address is and the ONLY way I would ever know his email address is if it was included in his PayPal account. That email account is one of THOUSANDS of email accounts Glen Randy Schoen owns. If anyone shouldn’t be trusted Glen Randy Schoen should not be trusted. All of you involving yourself in his make believe issue with me look worse than him for including yourself. In the end Glen will take all of you down with him. You all will become his escape goat. You all will take the heat for everything he has done to me and others like drunk_monkey.


All Unwanted contact is a form of harassment. I do not want you to contact me Glen Randy Schoen.

I do not want you stalking me. You are not entitled to special treatment.

I banned you everywhere Glen Randy Schoen and I hope you banned me. I have done everything to get rid of your ability to contact me. You should take the hint you creepy,stalking asshole.