Glen Randy Schoen

Glen Randy Schoen  752 Van Nest AveBronx, NY 10462-3937  (718) 324-1488

You see Glen Randy Schoen is not very intelligent because he made the mistake of previously calling me on Skype and displaying the Taxi cab company he works for.I couldn’t help but notice the reflection in the mirror of the cab in front of him.Such a beautiful shot at the roof of his cab.


The van had been moved to the street.Probably to unload or load some sort of equipment.Holland Street was a dead end and after accidentally turning there I had to turn around to drive back the way I came.Just like Glen’s TV career, a dead end street.


I noticed this van as I drove past. Anthony was waving back.I could see his white teeth well due to his dark complexion.


If you are searching for ceramic tile this place on Van nest avenue is great.

Neighborhoods can be bad and an altercation can get out of hand so quickly you barely see it coming.Nobody really believes Glen Randy Schoen is an innocent defenseless victimized elderly man who everyone else is jealous of.You see when you act out towards someone for not allowing you to make them your puppet you sort of cannot claim you are the victim of anything. I did nothing to anyone. I have better things to do with my time.