“Nobody Pays Attention”

Glen Schoen “Nobody pays attention to anything on his page”

Really? Is that right? You see you said that back when you first threatened my life.That was the very first time you did that…yeah Glen Schoen has threatened to kill me and shoot me and take my life like a broken record.It’s what Glen Schoen says to everyone he turns on and dislikes.Everyone who gets the best of him.Everyone who exposes his behavior.

The people who have been put in the position of defending themselves he considers “evil” or “criminals” only because you see it’s ok for him to act the way he does but the moment a person retaliates they are the “evil” person or the “criminal” and they are the target of his continuous banter.Well then,I believe it might be time for Glen Schoen to yet again eat the shit that he talks.

Below is a screen shot of my daily visitors yes you read that correctly DAILY.That means Glen Schoen once again you look like an idiot.You look like the goof.


You see my understanding of this does not mean 458 people actually give a flying fuck.Glen Schoen should not allow this to compliment him.This means all but his few puppets (5 people) dislike him entirely.

So do the math,an estimated 454 people visit this page per day.Why? They dislike Glen Schoen.They want him to get what he deserves.For those people, I want to thank each and every one of you for taking the time.I hope you spread the information everywhere.

I know you have been passing on everything you read.This is how I know I am not being misunderstood.I am honest and people know that.Unlike Glen Schoen who lies through his yellow teeth.