Another Taste Of Reality…..


bagface unmasked

Always wearing the same shirt.Dirty and disgusting and it looks like the shirt has never been washed.


There are BILLIONS of people in the United States who own webcams.The majority of laptops and tablets and notebooks have built-in webcams.The early years of the internet considered webcams the wave of the future.The availability of webcams spawned websites like Stickam and blogtv.They gave billions of people all over the globe the ability to create their own video content on Youtube and other platforms.The technology was eventually integrated into cell phones giving the ability to do mobile broadcasts and allow people to share their lives with the world.

Here is a little taste of REALITY for the megalomaniac Glen Schoen and his shitty little brainless puppets. Glen Schoen is not the only person who owns a webcam.Glen Schoen is not the only one people watch.Glen Schoen is nothing but another person in this world who owns a webcam.Schoen is not a TV star, a comedian,he is not “funny” and he sure as hell is not “famous”.You are just as delusional as Glen Schoen is to think otherwise.You all will get absolutely nowhere by being around this “webcam owner” with the belief he is above other people.The belief by telling people lies about someone he has brought himself up in this world.He insults others to make himself feel above people who are already above him.His “victims” (besides me of course) take everything Glen Schoen says and allow it to put them on the bottom of the social ladder and they shouldn’t.

If Glen Schoen spoke badly about a person it’s time to realize it is meaningless.It lacks any relevance because he is nobody and said it in front of people who don’t really know you anyway.It’s so redundant it’s like someone talking to a wall.You see even if someone else is on the other side of the wall it’s so thick you can barely hear everything the person on the other side is saying anyway.It is a total waste of time and the people who encourage Glen Schoen to talk about the people he makes things up about are exactly like Glen Schoen.Don’t believe me?All you have to do is sit back and watch them in action.See the things they type outside of the chat and you will find they ,like Glen Schoen, believe that putting others down and fighting with them will bring them up above people in the world.They use people and the fact that when a person is accused of doing something wrong they will defend themselves against them.That is all these puppets do.It is all pretended,all for their own entertainment,they enjoy fighting with people,especially people who they think are more loved than them.

You see the fact I understand so well and get into these people’s head is the reason they all hate me.The only reason I am referred to as “crazy” is because I exposed Glen Schoen for being a megalomaniac or narcissist (which is honestly a mental issue).You see other narcissists will support Glen Schoen (like bagface,a replica who loves to talk about himself and speak badly about people he doesn’t even know) As far as bagface goes a perfect example is jiznos,bagface will put jiznos down because he knows jeff is well liked and he thinks it will bring him up in the world or make him “famous”.Meanwhile on earth… doesn’t accomplish anything.You can keep talking down on me bagface,just like how you do that to Jeff it will accomplish nothing.You look like a major asshole,no wonder bagface is single.I don’t have to say anymore but let’s be honest,bagface covering his face for attention is a psychological alarm.You are fucking mental.

I have a voice and I am going to use it,people are listening so I am far from failing.My mental state is that of a normal person.If that means I am crazy then what are you? Are you trying to accuse everyone in the world of being crazy?