The Never-ending Failure Of Glen’s Puppets

bagface unmasked

Isn’t it enough of a message looking at how Glen bailed on his precious vaughnlive? He just went on and on about how great it was but notice he removed his content he made a huge deal about and ran away to ivlog.Like an idiot, he forgets some very important things.The biggest being how tolerable ivlog is of misbehavior towards others.Attack one person on ivlog Glen Schoen and watch how fast you get banned.It’s a ticking time bomb,ivlog owners will not tolerate favoritism.I pay no attention but people pass shit on fast.It’s beautiful because I don’t even have to be there,I pay no attention to you.

You mod the wrong people highschool drop out…….you are my bitch,bitch.


Obsessed is an understatement.Ever notice how they all mention me every chance they get?Thanks for the fame retards….


All but two of them are Glen’s puppets.They have no mind of their own.Glen makes all of their choices.