This was not only what Glen Schoen did to me but many others.He has no concept of how to appreciate anything because nothing is enough for him.He has such a huge megalomania issue he believes this entire page and every post is a compliment. He cannot possibly feel insulted. He cannot feel anything but self-importance.This all pisses him off.I don’t have to pay any attention to him to know he is still mentioning my name.I wonder who he mentions more? The people who make him eat the shit he talks that’s who...



People like to judge me until they realize their imperfections.Remind yourself you have hundreds of flaws.Why else would it be so easy for me to retort? 



If you stop and think about it his entire broadcast craves drama, especially Glen Schoen.His breath has been taken away several times yet Glen Schoen in desperation continues. He will speak about me until the day that he dies. The people in his chatroom will never stop encouraging him to talk about me because in reality, he is not enough entertainment.His “viewers” are bored.


other people love you

And believe me, more people love me than all of the people who think I am the way Glen Schoen portrays me.



I don’t even know the people in Glen Schoen’s chatroom. I don’t even know Glen.


None of you like me but anywhere I go you all will be there as soon as you know it’s me.The funny thing is none of you will ever know who I am.I have the ability to be everywhere while you sit and guess in paranoia.Glen Schoen might even have me modded…..:)  None of you can ever be me and that pisses you off and it should.


Glen Schoen hates the truth and that is why he accuses me of being a hater.