Glen Schoen Caught….

During a Drinknet 2.o broadcast (their new name on vaughnlive) it was observed in the chatroom that Glen Schoen and a few of his shitty followers were attempting to fail troll under guest names.

Several times it was obvious vaughnlive staff had been in the Drinknet 2.0 warning Glen Schoen about his behavior. After Drinknet 2.0 ended the broadcast Glen Schoen immediately started a broadcast on where he openly admitted he was harassing them. This is exactly the behavior that I refer to CONSTANTLY  yet people seem to overlook it.

Drinknet 2.0 DO NOT deserve the harassment yet Glen Schoen continues.This is the part all of you miss.You see videos and creations Tony shares but you miss the part where Glen Schoen encourages it.Glen Schoen knows they dislike him yet he continues after being told to stop.Why? As I previously mentioned Glen Schoen is mentally ill.

Glen Schoen will not be satisfied until he is perma-banned from vaughnlive.In the past, once Mark Vaughn warns you banning normally follows.

I have never witnessed a person get entirely destroyed like Glen Schoen has by Drinknet 2.0 yet continue his behavior like a child.

The things I say are the truth.Anyone who doubts me is delusional.It’s right in front of your face.Birds of a feather flock together.If Glen Schoen is a megalomaniac then the people defending him and supporting him are as well.