Tell Me…..


thatdudeace (1)

He looks like his nose is bigger than his head.You can’t miss it.So typical African American of him.”I’m in a gang” or “I’m a rap artist”or better yet “I’m uneducated ghetto scum”.Get a job,get a life,stop doing drugs and get the fuck off the internet.People like you belong in institutions called prison.I hope someone trips you and you get run over by a bus you watermelon eating down syndrome chicken eater.


Just tell me, how is it that people can make accusations that I am “crazy” when they are infatuated with this page and it’s content? I know what it is, some “internet asshole” from Van nest Avenue with poor hygiene, a big fat fucking mouth,greasy disgusting “white nigger” face and fear of guns thinks his opinion is valid around people who don’t know me, never will know me and never will have any understanding of what a piece of trash they support.Old elderly Glen Schoen is angry this page and these posts come up in the search engine when anyone searches anything to do with “glensroom” or “Glen Schoen”.

Tell me fuckface,how does it feel to be the angry guy? How does it feel to be an elderly retard who has the mentality of a 12-year-old? Are you going to fire up the easy bake oven and pretend you can cook? What’s next? Will you be building some lego buildings? When is it time to grow the fuck up? Does your dumb ass really think he is going to get anywhere with me? The only thing that is funny is how bad you look.

Remember, If I am the “stalker” and I am the one that is “crazy”, why is it that YOU are the only one “stalking”? You see you confirm that you stalk me by obsessing over what I showed people YOU did. Somebody shouldn’t have picked a fight with me…….

I am still waiting for you to “punch me in the face” and “shoot me in the head”.Maybe you should quit while you are ahead. You don’t scare me because you have been telling eprime,davie22,drinknet2,tonybabyoil,jamesdozers etc that bullshit for years.You did NOTHING but talk shit.What you deserve won’t come from me.Typical of a person like Glen Schoen,all they do is talk shit behind a screen because in real life they are scared of their own shadow.

Has any of you ever noticed I don’t threaten Glen? I don’t act like a tough guy? I don’t go to his broadcasts? How hard is it for people to get?