Projecting & Accusations

I think it’s abnormal to make accusations that I could ever possibly be a “hater”. I really never see the use of anything but “1st-grade elementary” insults coming from Glen Schoen and the same repetitive “viewers” who never realize that he is a sick, mentally ill, stalker who is always pretending he is famous and actually likes any of them. The reality is he puts on an act for all of you and he will turn on you the second he thinks he can get away with it. I really question who is less intelligent, the viewers or the broadcaster. I guess it would be fair to say they are equally dense.

I took a few seconds of my time to grab some screen shots of this “hater” word I am so accused of being. I think I should do what comes natural and show people why I am not a “hater” and why it is impossible to say I am.



I am definitely not any kind of gangster let alone a suburban gangster.I don’t talk that way,I don’t act that way,I definitely do not listen to the type of music.In the words of Glen Schoen, “I hate Slipknot”. Well, you see I listen to Slipknot.That isn’t gangster music.I don’t think of myself as original I am original.As far as being indestructible I am because I am still here.So far ,as usual, Glen Schoen just TALKS about what he is going to do to me while nothing happens.I would say it goes without speaking that someone who knows as much as I do about computers isn’t mentally underdeveloped.Point of this ? Not a hater.



You see I never developed a strong dislike for Glen Schoen based on my own opinion.My dislike for him was developed by the actions he took towards me because I would not follow his every command. While I am my own person and have a mind of my own and refuse to be commanded around,the fact Glen Schoen thought he could treat me like a slave is irritating.I am not jealous of Glen Schoen,who in their right mind would be jealous of someone who has nothing they want.The biggest reason I am not a hater is as above “Individuals that make fun of or hate others for justified reasons cannot be legitimately classified as haters” Glen Schoen “projects” his feelings towards me to help justify his abnormal behavior.That is correct,Glen Schoen I am in your mind 24 hours a day.I know how you tick.I am positive everything I post accomplishes one thing.People know my side of things.My side being the truth.


Ok, I feel no jealousy or anger for Glen Schoen succeeding.He hasn’t succeeded once in his life.He is a complete failure.All he has done is talk about what he is going to do while not lifting a finger to accomplish it.Glen Schoen work hard? Are you kidding me? He is too overweight and mentally handicapped to do anything but eat and get high and talk about me.


I am not a hater because I am not a pre-teen girl.Glen Schoen however, has been on numerous occasions surrounded by pre-teen and underaged girls.It’s too true for anyone to make up.


So true.Glen Schoen and viewers can throw the word “hater” around constantly while never explaining what it is they mean.All they can come up with is “he has a web page” or “he blogs” or “he dedicated a page to someone he dislikes”.To be honest that is not a reason to accuse me of being a hater.This page explains itself on the front page.It’s rebuttal towards an individual.The only person online who talks badly about me in front of people who don’t know me at all.In front of people who don’t matter to me.People who I don’t matter to.Glen Schoen calls it “goofing on someone” but honestly nobody is the goof but Glen.You see this entire page makes him look pretty bad.I didn’t have to try.What gets me is that other people can do what I do and that is entirely ok.The day I do it they are the victim all the sudden.It was the same with how they all harassed me much like Glen Schoen constantly does.They harassed me,I treated them like shit, they became the victim.The solution was always for them to just leave me alone,yet they continued.


I never pretended to be happy for Glen’s success.He hasn’t succeeded at all.If you go to a website and 20 people watch you every time you go live.You aren’t famous.The same 20 people aren’t even close to famous.You see I have shit to work with as well. I make music and my music is good music.I don’t have to hate on people to move up in this world.I know that but again you are projecting on me.It is Glen Schoen who has to constantly talk about me thinking he will move up in the world for doing it.Many people have done the very same thing to me and failed.Glen Schoen is just another casualty.Glen tries to turn all my good qualities around and make them something bad but he forgets about his own misery.The fact that doing that to me doesn’t rid him of the misery he lives in.


I have never called Glen a hater.Not once.Glen’s shitty little slaves have no mind of their own.They say what they are told.They do as they are told.They think what Glen wants them to think.They do what Glen wants them to do.You see where I am going with this? “fans of said object” <–yeah and of course Glen and his mindless chatroom are used to looking like a fool.


I am not a speck of dust,sugar or tobacco.I am sure Glen Schoen knows what crystal meth is.What drug doesn’t Glen Schoen know about? What doesn’t the local police in the Bronx know about Glen Schoen? Hmmm


Well, you see I do sing and play instruments.Once again.I am not a hater.


Again, I am not a hater.None of this describes me.


Now let me show ou the reason I am talking about not being a hater.The misinterpretation people have of me is unreal.This was a very sad attempt at making Glen Schoen feel better about how much of a failure he is:

glen haters

Courtesy of the stupidity of people posting shit all over the internet.I don’t even have to be there.The beautiful thing is if it was posted all over the internet it’s no form of harassment. So much down syndrome. What an idiot.

This is a direct description of Glen Schoen:

“Projecting our problems onto other people”

Psychological projection is the phenomenon whereby one projects one’s own thoughts, motivations, desires, feelings, and so on onto someone else (usually another person, but psychological projection onto animals, parents, children, neighbors, other drivers, political figures, racial groups, states and countries, also occurs).

According to the theories of Sigmund Freud, psychological projection is a psychological defense mechanism whereby one “projects” one’s own undesirable thoughts, motivations, desires, feelings, and so on onto someone else (usually another person, but psychological projection onto animals and inanimate objects also occurs). The principle of projection is well-established in psychology.

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