Hey It’s Trash On Repeat….

The same trash on repeat as usual. No toothbrush, no hygiene same dirty shirts and smelly clothes. It’s the same narcissistic/megalomaniac behavior that will never change.

As innocent as it may seem another blog has posted about Glen Schoen. Unfortunately, all the internet does is witness more and more failure. He harasses hookers and interviews them. Harassment is his favorite thing to do.

I have accomplished a lot without very much effort. I can sit back and relax. My life is happy and improved and unlike Glen Schoen, I don’t just talk about what I am going to do I just do it.

CLICK HERE to read about how Glen Schoen, once again is the biggest asshole piece of white trash on the internet. According to the post Glen Schoen focuses on missryanjones  (who indicates she is a hooker) to someone who is notorious for Doxing other people,yet is the victim when people fire back.

You see people I am not unlike other people victimized by Glen Schoen. I treat people the way they treat me. If you can’t take your medicine in return then don’t dish it out. You can act like you are “goofing on” me all you want to but your audience doesn’t know me. You look like the goof.  I simply use what you did and what people have seen and expose it. How could anyone ever disprove it?


glen sxdk

coolruler: “did you ever fuck a guy for free weed” Glensroom: “yes coolruler” 


This has just become entirely too easy. It’s amazing to not be anywhere near this asshole and still find proof of how much of an asshole he is. Hell not that this is about his mindless viewers but some of them are fearful of being seen on camera.

I just want to address thatdudeace a moment and say ,you fucking little coward punk. If you said the kind of shit you typed to me you wouldn’t be very happy with the outcome. You have a big mouth.

thatdudeace (1)

Thatdudeace looks like an African midget with down syndrome. This little twerp would run and hide from the sight of me.

thatdudeace (2)

You are nothing but a coward. People need to STFU and mind their own business. It doesn’t make you fit in with “the cool people” to reveal you are a really shitty person. Only shitty people talk down about people they don’t know. Who the fuck do you think you are?


It’s always the same people who watch Glen Schoen that encourage him to talk about me. Did you ever notice that most of them have been destroyed by me? Thatdudeace wanting to be put on a pedestal by this fat yellow toothed asshole.

Remember when Glen Schoen said he was going to “isolate” me? Hey Glen, eat the shit you talk asshole:

fb friends count

My facebook friends at 767. Wow, I am so ruined. My friends have all bailed on me. I don’t pretend I have friends like you do. None of my friends are fake like yours. Everything you have said has been proven wrong. You are a nobody, nothing, just a big mouth shit talker. Your viewers flip-flop on you. All of them are two faced. Every single one of them. For that reason alone you will never “isolate” me.


tumblr stats

Look at my Tumblr followers. I am so “isolated”. Asshole as I already said “I will destroy you” , you picked a fight with the wrong guy. You can pretend whatever you want so it doesn’t bother you but the truth is right in front of you.


Like I have already said before. I pay no attention to Glen Schoen. I have proof he harasses me. You see when you visit my page it records it. Glen Schoen has been infatuated with my ivlog page. The history of my ivlog page shows Glen Schoen visit’s my page daily. Outside of the already available statistics ivlog gives me I have a tracking script that reveals him visiting my page sometimes 6 times a day. I haven’t been on ivlog in forever. I entirely ignore it.


schoen harasses me censored

 You can’t argue that this isn’t true. It’s right in front of you. If I spent the time to scroll down you would realize how stupid Glen Schoen is. You can’t make claims I harass you when you have zero proof to back your claims up. I take the time to retain these kinds of screen caps. If ANYTHING happens to me YOU are to blame. All these death threats you make towards me and you have no understanding of how serious it is. You won’t do ANYTHING. Cut the tough guy talk. You aren’t tough.

I wanted to add that this doesn’t include the visits Glen Schoen makes to this page.If you saw the numbers originating from him you would stop supporting him. He is a stalker. He comes here because he is furious that everytime someone searches for him this page comes up in the results. He is furious because he is scared, frightened of his own shadow. Only a frightened coward would go to such extremes to mention me every single broadcast he starts.In his infantile, mind he is “getting that Bill back” when in reality “that Bill” is fucking destroying him. If I am not destroying him why does he keep talking about me? He cannot turn things around by saying things like “he created a whole page about me” because you see this page isn’t about him.This page is about what he does to me and what he does to others. As I said before,I don’t need to watch him anywhere. I have enough shit over the years he has done to other people to keep this page going for YEARS.