You know a person is entirely reprehensible,ignominious and discreditable when they continue to repeat the same untruthful statements about someone for months and months nonstop.The thing is that when it becomes repetitive it’s because their only hope for making people believe their lies is repeating it.When you lack any proof of guilt all you are doing is looking worse.You don’t sound tough.You don’t sound intelligent.You have nothing left to say.How could anyone feel they accomplished anything when they just make things up about anyone and beg for people to believe them in desperation.

You are too much of an idiot to understand that keeping people in your chat who you have previously wronged will not make what you did to them right.Maybe he feels he has been forgiven.Maybe the people who are being pushed into thinking he has forgiven them are just as slow to understand.Your attention is what he wants because he lacks any credibility without an audience. He will collapse without people paying attention to him.So you should read this and take heed that your best defense against people like him are to ignore him.Stop supporting him and he will shut up about all of us who got blamed for things they could not possibly have accomplished.

Explain how I could be in two places at once.Explain what I would accomplish by targeting a taxi driving , disc jockey loser’s online accounts that 4 people (according to him) had the password to.Explain how the blame could be put on me when for years I never did a thing given the opportunity thousands of times.Why does he feel he matters so very much to a person who doesn’t pay any attention to him? Is there something to be accomplished by stalking me? Does he think he can do anything with the information he thinks he has obtained? How could he believe he has something over my head when his entire life is public information.

Thanks to your behavior towards others online Glen Schoen they have all publicly displayed you the same way you have displayed them.The difference is YOU can’t take it.You definitely can dish it out though can’t you?