Response To “Blogging”

glens pretend fame

Glen Schoen has attempted to act condescending towards “blogging”. He has continued to manufacture whatever he can while holding no credibility leaving me to entirely question his tactics and angle. Let’s not misunderstand that I have done nothing but show all of you who Glen Schoen is and how Glen Schoen acts. Sure some of you may already have known. Most of it the reason Glen Schoen gets traffic.

Let’s be clear, Glen Schoen is well disliked online and he simply has an inflated ego and makes it out to be that people like him. Just like he manipulates other people, people manipulate him.

Glen Schoen dislikes that people can say what they want and he cannot control it. He loses his shit and his yellow teeth spew toxic stinky waste after anyone’s response. You see all of us are not allowed to have a voice. Nobody is allowed to listen to me in his mind because that takes away the attention on him.

This would never be mentioned but I feel that because he is a broken record about how “people who blog are pieces of shit” I feel my response would be quite understood. I added a page called “Blogging” you can read HERE . To help Glen Schoen put it into perception all of the “blogs” have ALWAYS seen you as a sick disgusting asshole and that will probably never change. The reason? The terrible things you have done to other people. The way you conduct yourself online is disgusting. Nothing can change that. I must add that you can have anyone you want on Skype or in your chat and it has zero effect on me. Unfortunately, even though you believe I pay attention to you I don’t. Remember Glen Schoen, I know what makes you tick enough to accomplish things others cannot. Rumor has it Glen Schoen has iFled from vaughnlive because Drinknet2 has destroyed him (as usual). Great job Drinknet2. Hope you continue giving him what he deserves. Unlike you and Brittster Glen Schoen I am going to disconnect and actually do real life adult things. In the real world. With real friends,real social interaction. My life doesn’t revolve around the internet.

P.S. Brittster you look a little fatter, have you been eating more?