The Private Investigator Troll

A while ago when various victims created video’s in response to the death threats Glen Schoen made towards them Glen Schoen decided he was going to find a local Private investigator and have me create a video ad including his voice and create a youtube channel under the private investigators name (without the private investigators permission) so he could receive free services and find out as much as possible about everyone who visits his broadcast. The suspicion is why he wishes to go to such great lengths to manipulate all of his viewers and “enemies”. The video can be found below and you will recognize his voice and can see and hear for yourselves.

His defilement and distortion of the reputation of a professional individual are repulsive and nefarious and he should be castigated to the fullest extent for his monstrous acts.

It is truly ineffable what lengths he will go to in reaction to anything someone may exhume about his behavior towards others. He is a tremendous form of “internet asshole”. He will refuse to drop a person’s name who disintegrated his internet personality and invalidated his imaginary statements.

I have diminished his comprehension by barely using anything but accuracy. I can make him perquisition each word I am using in this and still he will lack any understanding of what any of it means.

The following video was created by me at his request and he had linked me to the website and information stating he wanted to hire this person to find out who certain individuals have who disliked him. He is desperate for anything he can acquire about them because they have destroyed him so easily after he threatened their lives online (threats by communication). None of them deserved his threats including me. He is very disturbed and manipulative and I intend to never stop until he pays for his actions.

I can say I am NOT making any accusations.All of you have been shown that not one of my posts or claims is false. every single post is backed up with legitimate audio,video,screenshots and legally, publicly obtained information.

Similar to previous people I have encountered negatively online Glen Schoen attempts to disassociate his guilty actions with manipulation tactics and lies.He somehow believes making false claims against my healthy mental state hold validity when I have never mentioned anything about it.

My physical or mental health is nobody’s concern when my credibility has been proven numerous times.You are all listening to the words of Glen Schoen. A high school drop-out. A lazy fat 50+-year-old man in a party hat with no hair who does nothing but take the commands of his passengers.A taxi driver, a bottom of the working class loser. A failure at life. A stupid uneducated disc jockey who hires other people to run his stupid garbage equipment while he sits on his lazy ass and barks commands. Slaves to do his dirty work.

I have a high school diploma, a vocational-technical diploma, two college degrees and numerous certifications. I have integrity and I refrain from bothering anyone. I always end up in the crossfire of someone else’s issues with another person without trying to be involved.People misunderstand me and make statements about me that are not true.I have helped people and given without any thought of receiving anything in return.I made music to help people dying from cancer.I donated my time for FREE to help save people’s lives.Not one time have I retaliated without reason to anyone.

I suggest all of you understand that I am not like others who you might have encountered online. I might have a large volume of text here because I am excellent at typing and compiling large amounts of information but don’t mistake that as spending a lot of time making these posts.This entire post took me 5 minutes.You can see by the time and date stamps I do not spend much time here.